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Genital Kung Fu Promises Women Empowerment

Genital Kung Fu Promises Women Empowerment
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Genital Kung Fu Promises Women Empowerment

Kim Anami is a pundit at lifting things with her sex organ and calls herself the “Vaginal Kung Fu Master.”

Kim Anami is a pundit at lifting things with her sex organ and calls herself the “Vaginal Kung Fu Master.” She is now sharing her routine of reproductive organ-strengthening exercises to people. Anami is concerned about most women having “numb” parts that aren’t exercised or used properly. The Genital Kung Fu Master will give weight-training and exercise routine to women.

As published by Express, Kim Anami said that women should neglect bicep curls and squats; the muscular strength women should be developing is in between their legs.

The Genital Kung Fu Master, who is also a sex and relationship expert, believes that the power every woman holds is their sex organ.

According to Perez Hilton, Kim Anami stated, “I came across the ancient Taoist practice of vaginal weight lifting about 15 years ago. I made an effort for it and noticed an immediate benefit. Not only did I feel vaginally stronger, but my orgasms were more powerful and pleasurable. Seeing and feeling the difference, I started incorporating the teaching into my work as a sex and relationship coach.”

The relationship coach has lifted a lot of different things before, such as fruit, a surfboard, etc. The sex organ of Kim Anami can lift up to ten pounds.

The Genital Kung Fu Master has reached millions of people through her Instagram account, where she expert shares snaps of herself weightlifting a multitude of objects.

As stated by Mirror, Anami made it known to people that the art of her Genital Kung Fu program strengthens the pelvic floor and can increase a woman’s sexual pleasure.

Anami stated, “In the Genital Kung Fu program I teach, it’s about toning the pelvic floor and women’s privy part with a weight training routine, and in the process, reconnecting a woman to her body and sexual power.”

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