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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers for July 4-8: The Tumultuous Week Gives Way to More Thrills

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers for July 4-8: The Tumultuous Week Gives Way to More Thrills
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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers for July 4-8: The Tumultuous Week Gives Way to More Thrills

It’s the fourth of July week and General Hospital bring about a number of new developments in its plot this week. There will not just be more clues on the mysteries that have been clouding the previous GH episodes.

There will be no shows on Monday, but the drama will continue from Tuesday to Friday this week. The July 5 episode will have Nathan digging into Dr. Mayes death, as Sam and Jason go looking for Ava and Nikolas to Greece, where all four gets into deep trouble.

Dr. Hamilton Finn, who is suffering from grave illness, will survive another episode since Rachel managed to administer the medication before it’s too late. However, its usefulness will not last long, as the medicines he is given are not approved by the FDA. But after realizing that Rachel was only trying to help Finn, Tracy will soften towards her, We Love Soaps revealed.

Meanwhile, Jason Morgan comes to know from Sam Morgan that her mother wanted her to stay in London with him. The duo heads out for the Cassadine island, where Ava and Nikolas are taking shelter.

Though Nikolas thinks it is safe, the creepy mansion appears to be bothering Ava nonetheless. Sam and Jason track down the duo but all four end up in danger, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported.

Elsewhere, Alexis tries to expose Julian and she even succeeded, but it remains to be seen how much the dangerous leap would cost her.  Claudette gives an interview under the name of CJ at Crimson and Nathan gets to know about when she appears in his room. Nathan becomes suspicious of her intention as Claudette is there for revenge. However, Maxie takes an immediate liking for Claudette.

The Soap Shows reported that towards the end of the week the General Hospital fans will see that Laura and Kevin will realized that there is more about Spencer beyond what their eyes can see. What will Laura and Kevin do? Watch out for it.

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