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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers August 1-5 Week: Morgan Confesses His Love for Kiki, Franco Suspected as Serial Killer

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers August 1-5 Week: Morgan Confesses His Love for Kiki, Franco Suspected as Serial Killer
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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers August 1-5 Week: Morgan Confesses His Love for Kiki, Franco Suspected as Serial Killer

The General Hospital spoilers teased that this week Morgan’s proposal to Kiki will turn awry. Jasper Jacks returns to Port Charles and Franco is being suspected of the serial killing at the General Hospital. Fans will also see Dante advising Lulu to keep what she found in the tunnels with Laura to herself.

Kiki ends up feeling exasperated under the emotional pressure that has been created by Morgan. After they spent a night together at the MetroCourt, Morgan decides to take the relationship to the next level by proposing to her. He is ecstatic that Kiki finally agreed to spend time with him but, things are not the same for Kiki. She wants to take things slow but is feeling over-burdened since Carly Corinthos told her that Morgan’s mental health is dependent on Kiki and their relationship.

The Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Kiki doesn’t respond to Morgan’s proposal in the way he had expected. She doesn’t want to say yes but is also worried that saying no might send him over the edge again. The sudden, unexpected proposal may bring back the past memories, which Kiki has been trying to push aside.

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Meanwhile, another patient has been murdered by the serial killer and the suspicion is on Franco. According to a report by the TV Source Magazine, Jordan and Valerie discover Franco’s fingerprints on a vial, but it is now a known fact that the serial killer wears gloves.

Jordan and Valerie confront Franco, while Nina talks to Curtis regarding a disturbing conversation with Franco. Nina tells Curtis that she has a request for him. Whether she wants him to get involved in the kidney mystery or dig into Claudette Bolland remains to seen.

Celeb Dirty Laundry also reported that based on General Hospital spoilers, Jacks will make his return to Port Charles this week, because he doesn’t trust Carly. He is almost sure that she halted the investigations on the kidney mystery on the request of Josslyn Jacks.

While most of the survivors of the plane crash in Greece check them out, Jason Morgan is still reported missing. Ava tells Sam that her husband could not survive the crash, but the truth is different.

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