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Geeky Valentines Gift Ideas for the Tech-Challenged

Geeky Valentines Gift Ideas for the Tech-Challenged
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Geeky Valentines Gift Ideas for the Tech-Challenged

It’s hard shopping for technophiles and the definition of romance for them may not be the same as everyone else. If the usual flowers and chocolates does not appeal to your significant other, you might have to dig a little deeper for gift ideas. Here are some unique and Geeky items we found that might just save your day. We’ve limited our choices to something you can buy online and shipped to your address for your convenience.


Smartphone Instant Photo Lab

If your partner loves to take photos, you can give them the option to print out memories directly from your smartphone. This compact device is handy and only takes up no more space than your bulky tablet. It basically takes a picture of your existing photos and prints it on paper.  It’s compatible with both iOS and Android and can be charged using a USB cable. This unique product from the Netherlands is available on Uncommon Goods for purchase at $24.00 – $169.00, depending on your shipping preferences. Fair warning: the printing paper is sold separately.


Anti-Fatigue Gaming Glasses

Hardcore gamers will play hours on end without stopping. If you have a partner that plays online games for a hobby, you might be begrudgingly nodding your head right now. This gaming glass has an amber lens tint and can block high-energy blue light, UV and glare to reduce stress on the eyes. Not recommended for gamers who already have prescription glasses. The glass frames are made of stainless steel and has adjustable silicone nose pads and has thin temple frames to ensure its compatibility with headsets. We found this awesome gift idea on Amazon for only $71.90.


The Teslasuit

If you want something high end for a gift that will secure the idea that you support his gaming hobby, the Teslasuit is the ultimate geeky gift idea out there. Built for VR games, this haptic suit consists of a control belt, zip-up jacket, and trousers that resemble a wet suit. The Teslasuit will allow the entire body to experience the VR world by enabling the wearer to touch and feel objects inside virtual worlds. The device can connect wirelessly to VR headsets and is compatible with the Oculus, META Space Glasses, Google Glass, the Playstation VR, your PC, table or smartphone. This entire ensemble is available via Dudeiwantthat or via the Kickstarter campaign.


Whether you choose to play with your hubby or support his quirks from afar, it’s important you connect on many levels and spend the bulk of your time together. That said, if you find all of this exciting, you probably have a great affinity to your geeky Valentine partner and we’re glad we’re able to support you.

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