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Gawker Shutdown: Top 5 Articles People Love From Gawker

Gawker Shutdown: Top 5 Articles People Love From Gawker
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Gawker Shutdown: Top 5 Articles People Love From Gawker will be shutting down next week.

The decision to close down the website, which ran for almost 14 years, came after its parent company, Gawker Media, filed for bankruptcy after it lost a $140 million privacy lawsuit brought by wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Univision won an auction to acquire the parent company along with six of its other websites.

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Gawker has been lauded by several media outlets and websites. The Stranger commended the website, saying it told “things no one else is willing to say,” that it “experimented boldly with a medium no one can quite figure out how to monetize.”

Founder Nick Denton announced the development to members of staff on Thursday. A post has also been put on the website.

Following are the most popular stories published during its time:

  • Gawker’s cause of declaring bankruptcy began with the publishing of a video that shows Hulk Hogan having sex. As a result of the video, posted without seeking permission of either Hogan or his partner, the wrestler sued the website for invasion of privacy. Hogan won the lawsuit, paid for by Paypal cofounder Peter Thiel, and the website was ordered to pay $140 million in damages.
  • Thiel, Paypal’s cofounder, also had grudges against the website. This stems from an article published by which referred to Thiel as gay. The technology billionaire would later fund Hogan’s lawsuit against the website’s “bullying,” which had titled its 2007 post, “Peter Thiel is totally gay, people.” Read the story here.

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  • Caity Weaver is known to have written some of the wittiest and funniest articles published by the website. In one of her pieces from 2014, she goes to TGI Friday’s to avail the restaurant’s “Endless Appetizers.” Read the story here.
  • The website had been able to crowd fund $200,000 to buy the video of the late former mayor of Toronto Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine. The former mayor had previously been criticized by the website, which said he had been “automatically expelled from office after a justice ruled that he’d illegally voted to let himself off the hook over improperly solicited lobbyist donations to a football charity he’d started.” Read the story here.
  • Adrian Chen had written a profile on Michael Brutsch, a Reddit user known as Violentacrez. Regarded as one of most notorious trolls on the internet, Chen struck up a conversation about maintaining anonymity online with Brutsch. Read the story here.

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