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Gator Mascot Saves Child From Foul Ball With His Head

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Gator Mascot Saves Child From Foul Ball With His Head

One gator mascot went above and beyond his call of duty when he bravely blocked a foul ball with his own head to keep a child safe.

Albert, the alligator mascot for the University of Florida Gators, became the unlikely hero during the school’s baseball game on Wednesday. The big gator sprang into action just in time to save a child from a possible concussion.

Like many other Florida Gators fans, Albert up in the stands enjoying the game with the rest of the audience. His job is to cheer for the team after all and he was around to give the Gators his full support. Suddenly, things turned a bit worrisome when Albert saw the foul ball headed in his direction.

Albert used his own head to shield a boy from the foul ball.

Albert was seated right next to a little boy. He knew that getting hit by a foul ball may have some serious medical repercussions for the boy. And so, Albert decided to take matters into his own hands. Without any regard for his own safety, he shielded the young boy from the incoming foul ball with his own head. According to NY Daily News, Albert was hit by the ball right in between his eyes.

Following the incident, it seems Albert was a bit in shock about what happened. The big, green gator fell backward into his seat as he tried to recover from the hit. Seeing his, the boy stood up over Albert immediately and attempted CPR. Soon after, Albert sat right back up and gave everyone a thumbs up. All was alright, indeed. Needless to say, everyone watching the game was amused.

Foul balls have seriously hurt fans in the past.

Not all foul ball incidents end as well as it did for Albert and the young boy. Back in April 2015, a foul ball struck a fan in the head during a game between the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates. She had to be treated for her injuries and carried off the game on a stretcher. According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, the woman had to be taken a hospital.

Luckily for the young boy, there was no ambulance needed in Wednesday’s incident. That’s thanks to a large part from Gators like Albert. At the moment, the gator seems to be recovering nicely. He has a bandage in between in eyes and he’s holding up a sign that says, “I’m glad they’re softballs.”

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