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‘Game of Thrones’: Yara Greyjoy Is A Lesbian; She May Die Then

‘Game of Thrones’: Yara Greyjoy Is A Lesbian; She May Die Then
Yara Greyjoy from Game of Thrones / HBO

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‘Game of Thrones’: Yara Greyjoy Is A Lesbian; She May Die Then

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 episode 7 revealed a new twist to Yara Greyjoy. Apparently she fancies women and fans are thrilled at the prospect of her being a lesbian. Now that her sexual preferences are out in the open many fear that her days are numbered and have given rise to the ‘Protect Yara Greyjoy At All Cost’ movement.

According to Buzzfeed, when actress Gemma Wohelan was asked whether she knew her character was no straight, she told HBO she had no idea. She does think that Yara won’t limit herself to just one, though.

Considering the environment she grew up in — leading the Iron fleet in pillaging and raiding, and commanding men like they are all beneath her, it comes as no surprise that she fancies women. Being surrounded Ironborn men might even rubbed off on her.

After stealing the Iron fleet’s best ships in “Game of Thrones” episode 5, they fled to Volantis where she, Theon, and their men celebrate their escape from Euron Greyjoy. Yara Greyjoy is then seen kissing a prostitute with white hair, possibly another Daenerys Targaryen impersonator, after which she gives a dose of tough love to Theon.

While we did see her kiss a woman, she is much more likely to be bisexual than a full on lesbian as Gemma Whelan pointed out. Yara Greyjoy’s counterpart in the novels Asha Greyjoy has a male lover and we didn’t see a look of disgust when her brother Theon flirted with her.

Episode 7 also revealed her intention to foil their uncle’s plan and seek Daenerys Targaryen themselves. Building a thousand ships will take quite some time, which might mean her visibility on the show will continue. Like other LGBT characters though, hers run the risk of being killed off or just vanishing, never given a steady storyline.

This is why many are weary that after this big revelation, Lady Greyjoy will be dispatched in the same way Hodor was killed off after they revealed his origins in The Door.

For now though, a lesbian character seems to be a good move for “Game of Thrones” considering the attention it got from viewers. It even spawned gifs and memes, just like the one below:

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