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‘Game Of Thrones’ Trailer Confirms Theory About Jon Snow

‘Game Of Thrones’ Trailer Confirms Theory About Jon Snow
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Trailer Confirms Theory About Jon Snow

Game of Thrones has released a new promotional video for its next episode titled “Oathbreaker.” Apparently, the trailer has fans all excited as it shows Bran Stark’s vision of young Ned Stark battling Ser Arthur Dayne.

After the less-than-shocking resurrection in the last episode, it seems that GOT is finally going to reveal his true lineage. Many fans have no doubt that Jon is a Stark, but not Eddard’s son.

According to Buzzfeed, fan theories suggest that Jon Snow is, in fact, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, the last dragon, and Ned’s sister Lyanna Stark. He is the prophesied “prince whose song will be of ice and fire” in the books, “ice and fire” being his lineage as a Targaryen and a Stark.

The trailer released by Game of Thrones shows Ned and Kingsguard Arthur Dayne fighting in the view of the Tower of Joy in Dorne. It was in the tower where Ned found his sister in a pool of blood, which many believe was due to childbirth.

Lyanna Stark’s last dying words to her brother was “Promise me, Ned,” probably asking him to protect her newborn child. With the Lannisters and Robert Baratheon killing anyone whose name was Targaryen, Ned only knew one way to protect the child.

After the war, a triumphant Ned Stark returned to Winterfell – with a newborn child, a bastard he said from some tavern woman. Nobody could believe that the honorable Ned Stark would betray his wife so easily.

Why would Lord Eddard Stark go through all this for a bastard child, when Robert’s own children were left on the streets of King’s Landing? Why was he so reluctant to talk about the identity his bastard’s mother even to his own friends and family?

For fans of the Rhaegar+Lyanna=Jon Snow theory, the recent developments from Bran’s visions are a dream come true. Jon’s Targaryen heritage could mean he is destined for greatness and, being the son of Rhaegar, he has a higher claim to the Iron Throne.

We will see how far this theory develops, as more and more of Bran’s visions reveal the true events of Robert’s Rebellion. Be sure to watch Game of Thrones every Sunday exclusively on HBO.

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