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‘Game of Thrones’ Theory: Sansa Stark May Be Pregnant With Ramsay Bolton’s Child

‘Game of Thrones’ Theory: Sansa Stark May Be Pregnant With Ramsay Bolton’s Child
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‘Game of Thrones’ Theory: Sansa Stark May Be Pregnant With Ramsay Bolton’s Child

“Game of Thrones” season six has no shortage of theories with each new episode popping up new ones of adding more flame to existing ones. Last Sunday’s episode titled “The Door” has fans talking about Sansa Stark, and not in a good way.

Mic has revealed that the young Stark could be pregnant and logically speaking we should know who the bastard is. After her little conversation with Littlefinger, a few got the impression that she is carrying something and it’s not emotional baggage.

From the way Sansa talked about her experience in the hands of the Boltons, it was pretty clear her ordeal hasn’t ended despite reaching Jon Snow at Castle Black. Unfortunately, this hint was somehow overshadowed by the fact the episode also showed the death of Hodor (bless his soul).

Reddit, the source of much major “Game of Thrones” theories, has revealed more clues to a Sansa Stark pregnancy. The dress she made shortly after arriving at Castle Black and having problems digesting the food at the stronghold. Although this might just be coincidences, the series has proven time and again that there are no such things as coincidences.

Theory or not, fans of the show have already expressed their agreement on the possibility of a Stark-Bolton baby growing in her. How this revelation might impact the story is another question altogether.

She, if Littlefinger’s talent at political maneuvering rubbed off on her, could possibly use the child as a bargaining chip. Ramsay Bolton might still deny the possibility that it is his child but there is no doubt that their marriage was consummated, time and time and again.

Although we can hardly see her using her baby as a tool, remember that Sansa Stark has changed a lot since the beginning of the season. If previously she would not dare object to the suggestions of experienced men like Davos Seaworth, now she not only objected but even questioned the man’s experience.

Whatever implications a baby might have on the series, “Game of Thrones” will definitely make something big out of it. For now, all we can do is watch the upcoming episode this Sunday on HBO.

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