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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6: Shaggydog’s Death Affects Rickon Star Actor Deeply

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6: Shaggydog’s Death Affects Rickon Star Actor Deeply
Rickon Stark and Osha from Game of Thrones / HBO

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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6: Shaggydog’s Death Affects Rickon Star Actor Deeply

“Game of Thrones” saw the return of a Stark and we’re not talking about Jon Snow. Rickon Stark is back although definitely not in a good position and worse, his direwolf Shaggydog suffered the same fate as Robb’s wolf Greywind.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, actor Art Parkinson, who plays Stark talked about how he feels about the death of Shaggydog and his character’s current situation. He also shared his opinion about the whole direwolf conspiracy that sprung up after “Oathbreaker”.

According to Parkinson, he believes that it is Shaggydog’s head Smalljon that Umber used to prove Rickon’s identity. He was deeply upset when he found out that Shaggy would die, since he would never get to hang out with the dog on set.

Sophie Turner adopted Lady after she died on the show and all of the actors were given a chance to adopt their dogs. Unfortunately, Parkinson’s mother refused since they already have two dogs and doesn’t know how they will react to a full grown husky joining their family.

Art Parkinson also revealed that he was told about his return a few months back and was excited as they discussed his storyline. He spent his time away from ‘”Game of Thrones” starring in other films including San Andreas with Dwayne Johnson.

Parkinson stated it was cool after it he found out that he was betrayed by Smalljon Umber and was to become Ramsay Bolton’s hostage. He admits it was great to be working with Iwan Rheon due to the fact the Rheon is an intense actor.

Regarding his future in the show, Parkinson’s mouth is sealed shut not wanting to reveal anything that would spoil the plot for fans. He did however point out that if Rickon should fall he’s not going down without a fight. He based this on Rickon’s fiery personality and the toughness of the character altogether.

See more of Art Parkinson as Rickon Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’ every Sunday on HBO.

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