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‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode 5 Spoilers: Hodor Means ‘Hold The Door’

‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode 5 Spoilers: Hodor Means ‘Hold The Door’
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode 5 Spoilers: Hodor Means ‘Hold The Door’

Ever since Hodor was shown in the past episode as the young boy Wylis, theories about what could have caused him to be a simpleton ran wild. But since HBO released the official title of Game of Thrones Season 6, ‘The Door,’ could fans finally learn the truth about Hodor saying “Hodor?”

Nineteen days ago, a Reddit thread gained traction online when one Redditor raised the theory that Hodor warged into Lyanna’s horse. This horse, according to the theory, might have been killed in the battle; hence Hodor was not able to come back.

However, as soon as the official title for “Game of Thrones Season 6” episode 5 was made public, fans are now turning its attention to one theory which at first seemed to be far-fetched.

“I think that Wylis was protecting Lyanna at the Tower, and due to his size, was told to ‘hold the door’ against her attackers. The last several minutes of his speaking life were probably spent repeating ‘hold the door’ to himself. But they broke through, beaned him, and the rest of his life is spent repeating ‘ho(ldthe)door’,” a Redditor who goes by the name Piney said.

“I’m American, but when I read the books I read ‘Hodor’ pronounced as one word with the emphasis on the first syllable, and was surprised on the show when they gave equal emphasis to both syllables, almost like it’s two words, and with a pronounced r on the end. I think that’s meaningful,” the Redditor went on saying.

He or she was referring to the Tower of Joy where young Ned Stark had a fight against Rhaegar Targaryen. This happened when Lyanna was kidnapped by the Targaryen prince.

This idea was thrown in the same Reddit thread that can be found here.

This theory was actually not new as this was already thrown by a fan some years ago!

According to another Redditor, a guy shared an elevator with George RR Martin and the conversation reportedly went like this:

Guy: I finally figured out why you have a character named “Hodor.”

Martin: Oh?

Guy: I was thinking about your comment about wanting to be an elevator operator.  It’s clear to me now that “Hodor” is short for “Hold the door.”

Martin: (laughing) You don’t know how close to the truth you are!

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