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Game of Thrones End Date & Spin-Off: HBO Boss Spills Good & Bad News

Game of Thrones End Date & Spin-Off: HBO Boss Spills Good & Bad News
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Game of Thrones End Date & Spin-Off: HBO Boss Spills Good & Bad News

Good and bad news for Game of Thrones fans. The bad news is the series will definitely end in season 8, the good news is, a spin-off based on the series is currently being discussed.

The development is definitely bittersweet for many especially those that followed the series since the beginning. Such is the feeling of emptiness that is unavoidable once a beloved series ends.

According to E! Online, HBO programming head honcho Casey Bloys confirmed that the series will indeed end with its 8th season. Bloys broke the news last Saturday during HBO’s summer press tour.

The news dashed all hopes for a continuation of Game of Thrones. But considering that the series is currently on its end game, this comes as no surprise.

Although the news is unsurprising, it doesn’t water down the fact that this is the end. This is further emphasized that the final two seasons will contain fewer episodes than the standard ten.

But don’t cry yourself to sleep just yet because according to TV Line, a spin-off based on the series is currently on the table. And judging from the show’s popularity, it just might push on though.

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A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin has already hinted that there’s more than enough source material for a spin-off. Perhaps the most popular, and obvious choice for a spin-off would be Robert’s Rebellion.

Not only did the series show a few flashbacks from the Rebellion, it will also serve as a great reference. Fans are even posting suggestions for potential roles on social media.

A Robert’s Rebellion spin-off would also be good for HBO from a financial standpoint. The costumes of the period does not differ from the ones used in the original series and it would be such a waste to throw all those Lannister armor away.

Game of Thrones Season 7 is set to premiere in 2017 with Season 8 in 2018. Catch the final two seasons exclusively on HBO.

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