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‘Game Of Thrones’ Behind The Scenes: 18 Hours At The Paint Hall

‘Game Of Thrones’ Behind The Scenes: 18 Hours At The Paint Hall
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Behind The Scenes: 18 Hours At The Paint Hall

“Game Of Thrones” recently paid a tribute to the hundreds of hard-working crew members by releasing an extended sneak peak of a day of shooting at the Paint Hall.

When one is watching a 45 odd minutes of a “Game Of Thrones” episode, it is very easy to forget the strenuous hours of work and effort that goes on behind the scenes of shooting that episode.

Maintaining a humongous production like GOT is not an easy task and to let the audience have an exclusive peek into all that goes on behind the scenes of filming an episode, the makers of the show have released an almost half an hour long video that records the filming events of one particular day – 7th December 2015.

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Shooting

The above date marks the first time that the 3 filming units, which are used to shoot different storylines within the show, filmed together under one roof at The Paint Hall, which is the main hub of GOT’s production and also where the pilot was shot.

The video starts with showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff recalling how their production has expanded requiring them to include a third unit – the “White Walker” unit – along with their original two units that they have been working with for the past 5 seasons – the “Wolf” and “Dragon” units, reports Watchers On The Wall.

Never has there been a time when even 2 of the units have filmed together, making it extra hard for the producers to keep track of all the units filming at different places. 7th December marked a change as all the 3 units were packed into the Paint Hall, and complete their shooting simultaneously.

Game Of Thrones Season 6

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What followed was a miracle in the making, as all the cast and crew gave all they had to pull it off without stepping on each other’s toes. From set designers to makeup team to stunt and special effects, everyone worked as a harmonious machine to make the impossible possible.

Because as Cinema Blend points out, even the most gruesome death gruesome death sequences on the show, such as the evil Ramsay Bolton’s face being chomped on by the dogs in the last season, needs careful planning and hours of filming footage to get just right.

Watch behind the scenes recording of that rare yet amazing day on the sets of “Game Of Thrones”:


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