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If ‘Game Of Thrones’ Battle Scenes Horrify You, People In Syria Are Experiencing The Real Thing

If ‘Game Of Thrones’ Battle Scenes Horrify You, People In Syria Are Experiencing The Real Thing
Battle of the Bastards from Game of Thrones / HBO


If ‘Game Of Thrones’ Battle Scenes Horrify You, People In Syria Are Experiencing The Real Thing

Game of Thrones episode 10 Winds of Winter has just finished airing ending yet another bloody season. There is no doubt that the show got most of its popularity by painting a realistic image of war.

While mainstream entertainment portrays the battlefield as a place where glory is  made, the show takes a different approach. It portrays war as something that should be avoided, something that causes pain and suffering for many.

Game of Thrones Of Our Time

‘Game of Thrones’ shows us the true face of war, a living hell for all of those involved. Such realism must have been the reason why last week’s Battle of the Bastards is considered to be the show’s best episode.

While people may empathize with the poor souls caught in the middle of the War of Five Kings, such things are happening as we speak. In our world, a similar war is being fought although it garners much less attention.

In the Middle East, a war almost as long as the War of Five Kings rages on. Death and destruction spreading like wildfire, innocents dying, thousands displaced, and it’s all real.

The Rival Camps And Their Similarities

Just like in ‘Game of Thrones’, the belligerent factions have their own agenda, some fight for independence while others fight to remain in power. Others fight for a twisted cause that they are the sole authority in the world.

Take Bashar al-Assad, the current president of Syria. He can be considered as the Lannister of our time. Everyone sees him as unfit to rule yet holds on to power through war alone.

The Russians backing him can be considered as the Tyrells, a wealthy faction coming to Syria’s aid with supplies and men. With these two forging an alliance, they have the rebels back and retaken lost territory.

The rebels, in this case, are the Free Syrian Army who, like House Stark, are ill-equipped yet are fighting for independence. Unable to achieve victory in the early stages of the war, they have exhausted their momentum and are now on the brink of collapse.

The United States, in this case, can be considered as the Targaryens in this conflict. A powerful house on the other side of the world capable of ending the war but is currently preoccupied with other matters.

As for ISIS, they are the White Walkers of our world. Like in ‘Game of Thrones’ they are an organization hell bent on destroying our civilization and replace it with their own. While everyone knows where they originate, the whole world seems too busy to recognize the impending danger.

Know Their Plight

While many of people hear about the conflict in Syria, the fact that it happens half the world away almost makes it sound like it’s happening on another planet.

Sure the series is entertaining as hell but in the end, it’s all make-believe. The Syrian Civil War is real, with real consequences. If the War of Five Kings horrifies you, just remember there are people half the word away experiencing the same thing.

‘Game of Thrones’ and its portrayal of the horrors of war hopefully makes people empathize with the people of Syria. To be aware of their plight and spreading the word could mean the difference between ending the war today or letting it drag on for years.

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