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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Wun Wun Saved Jon Snow’s Direwolf On ‘Battle Of The Bastards’

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Wun Wun Saved Jon Snow’s Direwolf On ‘Battle Of The Bastards’
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Wun Wun Saved Jon Snow’s Direwolf On ‘Battle Of The Bastards’

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 episode 9 was perhaps the biggest battle Jon Snow has ever fought in. While he was surrounded by thousands of men, one loyal follower was noticeably missing, his direwolf Ghost.

He was always there for his master, when the wights attacked the Lord Commander, in the battle with the mutineers, and in the battle for Castle Black. Why is he missing in the “Battle of the Bastards,” Jon Snow’s biggest battle to date?

According to Business Insider, the production team was given a choice between Wun Wun the giant and Ghost. As both of them were expensive and incredibly time-consuming to bring to life, Director Miguel Sapochnik chose the giant.

Game of Thrones” episode 9 was already stretching the budget and despite dropping Jon Snow’s direwolf, they still weren’t able to follow the script.

Filming the giant required multiple layers for each shot as well as get extras to react to something nonexistent.

Wun Wun’s actor Ian Whyte later filmed his scenes in “Battle of the Bastards” on a green screen stage. Adding another CGI intensive character would have required more resources and time both of which were in short supply.

Excluding Ghost is not all bad considering what happened to Wun Wun at the climax of the episode. After breaking the gate Winterfell, the giant kneeled to rest his wounds and was promptly shot in the eye by Ramsay Bolton.

We can say Wun Wun saved Jon Snow’s direwolf.

How upset would viewers be if it was the last Stark family pet on the show who got shot by the Bastard of Bolton? Most would agree that they would rather lose the giant than him in “Battle of the Bastards.”

While we do know that Jon Snow’s direwolf is somewhere alive and well, this might not be the case for long.

With the White Walkers preparing to march on the Wall, the Bastard of Winterfell will need all the help he can get, including his pet.

Watch “Game of Thrones” Season 6 finale this Sunday 9 PM Eastern Time, only on HBO.

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