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‘Game Of Thrones’ Analysis: Lyanna Stark & Her Significance

‘Game Of Thrones’ Analysis: Lyanna Stark & Her Significance
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Analysis: Lyanna Stark & Her Significance

Game of Thrones episode 2 began with Bran Stark having a vision of his father, uncle, and aunt as kids. What does this vision tell us about Ned Stark’s sister whose death had such an impact on the history of Westeros?

According to Bustle, Bran’s vision reveals some clues to the identity of Jon Snow’s mother. This is in connection to the theory that Jon Snow is a descendant of the Targaryens.

In the vision, Bran sees his father Ned Stark playing with his uncle Benjen in the courtyard of Winterfell. Suddenly along comes his aunt Lyanna Stark, a character only barely mentioned in Game of Thrones.

This brief glimpse of her has gotten everyone obsessed with the character. Finally, there is a clear image of the face that caused the downfall of House Targaryen.

The Watchers on the Wall revealed her to be a northern beauty; the vision showed her as a kind and strong-willed lady, much like her niece Arya. She seemed to be friendly with our pal Hodor, known as Wyllis at the time, as they invited him to train with Benjen.

This revelation seems to remake our image of Lyanna Stark as a helpless woman taken against her will by Rhaegar Targaryen. She should have been able to escape without difficulty and reunite with her Robert, unless she did not want to leave Rhaegar.

Instead, she is last seen dying in Ned Stark’s hands after Robert killed Rhaegar uttering her last words, “Promise me, Ned.” Was she killed by Rhaegar as Robert Baratheon claims, or was it all a big lie?

After the war, Ned returned to Winterfell carrying a child, claiming him to be his bastard son. This comes as a shock to everyone who thought of him as a man of honor, especially to his wife.

Despite the notion that a bastard was a symbol of dishonor, Jon Snow was raised among the Stark children. This was in contrast to Robert’s bastards scattered all over King’s Landing.

Another hint is Ned’s reluctance to talk about Jon’s mother whenever anyone asked, including Jon himself. Who is she that her identity must be kept secret, even to King Robert himself?

Unless it is all on a whim on Ned Stark’s part, the only reason to keep it a secret is to protect Jon Snow, who could be a Targaryen. After Robert’s rebellion, House Targaryen was purged, and all its descendants were either exiled or killed. Ned Stark’s promise to her sister could have been to protect her child with Rhaegar.

After Ned Stark lost his head in Game of Thrones season 1, the identity of Jon’s mother was all but forgotten. The short glimpse of Lyanna Stark gives a new light to the theory regarding Jon Snow’s lineage.

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