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‘Game Of Thrones’ Analysis: Jon Snow, Harald Karstark, & Future Of The North

‘Game Of Thrones’ Analysis: Jon Snow, Harald Karstark, & Future Of The North
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Analysis: Jon Snow, Harald Karstark, & Future Of The North

Game of Thrones Episode 2 has finally confirmed that Jon Snow is alive. How will this fact, coupled with the introduction of a new character, affect the future of the North?

The anticipated resurrection has overshadowed the appearance of a new character in the show: Harald Karstark. Watchers on the Wall revealed that he is currently discussing the situation in the north with the Boltons.

Harald Karstark is the son of the late Rickard Karstark and the current Lord of the Karhold. The Karstarks command the largest army in the north, much larger than the army of the Boltons. Robb Stark himself revealed earlier in Game of Thrones that they comprised half of the northern army.

Harald still resents House Stark for cutting off his father’s head and has entered an alliance with House Bolton. With most of the northern army destroyed in the Red Wedding, they now command the largest army in the north. The exception to this is House Umber who still has their army intact and could still be loyal to House Stark.

Ramsay believes that Sansa Stark is heading to Castle Black to seek refuge and plans to attack the remnants of the Night’s Watch with overwhelming force. This would have been an easy task had Jon Snow stayed dead, but that is not the case anymore.

With Jon Snow back from the dead, Sansa is now guaranteed safety and, with the wildlings, reinforced the undermanned Night’s Watch. In addition, once they hear that the Boltons attacked the Night’s Watch and find out that there are still living Starks, the entire north will rise against the Boltons.

There is also a small chance the Freys will seek revenge on the Boltons for the murder of Walda Frey. This is if Walder Frey cares enough for his granddaughter’s well-being.

This development could possibly return House Stark back to power as Rickon Stark, the currently legitimate Stark heir, is with House Umber. This is until Bran Stark returns, as he is also in close proximity to the wall.

The new revelations in Game of Thrones are definitely helping the Stark cause. But only future episodes will reveal if the true lords of the North will return to their rightful home.

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