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‘Game of Thrones’ Update: Hodor Definitely Dead, Actor Kristian Nairn Confirms

‘Game of Thrones’ Update: Hodor Definitely Dead, Actor Kristian Nairn Confirms
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‘Game of Thrones’ Update: Hodor Definitely Dead, Actor Kristian Nairn Confirms

“Game of Thrones” fans are still reeling from the loss of the show’s beloved gentle giant. Actor Kristian Nairn shares his thoughts on the dramatic ending of The Door and the fate of his character.

In an interview with the New York Times, Nairn said Hodor would be happy with the circumstances of his departure and why he thinks that his character is definitely gone. The 40-year old actor is happy about the reactions to the revelation about his character and his move from a simple-minded servant to a heroic character who is willing to sacrifice himself for his friends.

According to Kristian Nairn, he has yet to become accustomed to being dead and irrelevant. He is used to being irrelevant in “Game of Thrones,” existing only when Bran needs to be moved but he described being dead as something novel.

He believes that Hodor is definitely dead; it would be a miracle for him to survive being stabbed and ripped to shreds like Leaf in the tunnels. He does say that there is a chance that he will come back as a wight and maybe have an opportunity to free his big mouth after being limited to saying one word.

Reading the script for last Sunday’s episode was a bittersweet feeling for Kristian Nairn. Although he did want his character to have a great send-off it almost made him weep that he will no longer see his friends on a professional level.

He doesn’t blame Bran for his death; he was not being controlled at that point, holding the door was his own conscious decision as much as it was a plea from Meera. Nairn believes that his character is happy to be able to help his friends one last time and would be content knowing that they will be able to continue on even without him.

After finally knowing what “Hodor” meant, he admits it felt great.  All his theories weren’t right apparently and it feels strange that after all these years of saying the same thing over and over again it actually means “Hold the door.”

He may have bought them enough time but Bran and Meera are still in trouble in the recent promotional video released by “Game of Thrones.” Who will be their saving grace this time? Find out this Sunday only on HBO.

Watch Kristian Nairn and Isaac Hempstead Wright reaction to “Hold the Door”

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