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‘Game of Thrones’ Theory: Varys Planned Everything

‘Game of Thrones’ Theory: Varys Planned Everything
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‘Game of Thrones’ Theory: Varys Planned Everything

Whatever Varys lacked in terms of balls in “Game of Thrones” was overly compensated by his brains. A new theory regarding the spider has surfaced revealing him to be the one pulling the strings all this time.

Now that Daenerys Targaryen’s invasion is in motion, the former Master of Whisperers’ plans has come to fruition. It was heavily implied since “Game of Thrones” season 1 that he was in favor of restoring Targaryen rule, but to what extent?

The Master Of Whisperers

According to Mashable, it seems he would do whatever it takes. Varys, like Littlefinger, is a manipulator preferring to let others do the dirty work. While his plans resulted in some deaths, Ros in particular, he claimed he did it for the realm.

The realm, in this case, did not refer to Robert or Joffrey’s dominion, but Westeros itself. He saw what an incompetent ruler Robert was and longed for the return of the Targaryens.

According to the theory, everything that happened in Game of Thrones from Daenerys being married to Khal Drogo and receiving dragon eggs was part of Varys’ plans. Ilyrio Mopatis who arranged the marriage and provided the dragon eggs is a close associate of Varys.

“Game of Thrones” Season 7: Varys Was The Behind It All Along

Even Joffrey’s assassination helped his cause despite him not having a part in it. The Spider, witnessing The Imp’s talent at governing, planned to give him to Daenerys as her future Hand.

He manipulated everyone in order to provide a guilty verdict for Tyrion Lannister. After which he conspired with Jaime Lannister to free him, killing Lord Tywin in the process.

On their way to Mereen, Tyrion was kidnapped by Ser Jorah Mormont, supposedly to win favor with Daenerys. The theory on Reddit states that this is all Varys’ doing as well.

Ser Jorah had been serving The Spider as a spy even before Daenerys was married to Khal Drogo. After Jorah foiled the attempted assassination, The Spider knew that the exiled knight was loyal to Daenerys.

In order to bring Tyrion Lannister to Mereen and make the Mother of Dragons beyond his family name, Varys used Jorah. The rest they say is history.

Whether it is simply coincidence or a sick mind game perpetrated by Weiss and Benioff it is mind blowing indeed.

Find out what happens next when “Game of Thrones” returns next year.

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