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‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory: Tyrells Gone, Samwell Of House Tarly May Be The New Warden Of The South

‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory: Tyrells Gone, Samwell Of House Tarly May Be The New Warden Of The South
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory: Tyrells Gone, Samwell Of House Tarly May Be The New Warden Of The South

“Game of Thrones” season 6 finale saw the end of Lord Mace Tyrell and his children. Left with no heirs, Lady Olenna goes to Dorne and is promptly recruited to the Targaryen cause.

This causes a dilemma, as the Tyrells are the rulers of the reach, their extinction leaves a power vacuum. The Queen of Thorns stated that her future is gone, which could imply the death of the entire Tyrell line.

The Extinction Of House Tyrell

“Game of Thrones” previously revealed that several of Margaery Tyrell’s handmaidens were her cousins calling Lady Olenna nana. If this is true, there could be other Tyrells in existence.

However, seeing that the majority of House Tyrell’s entourage was at King’s Landing, it is possible that they were all wiped out along with their lord. Left with no heir, the Queen of Thorns will take the Tyrell name with her to the grave.

This leaves the fertile regions of the Reach leaderless as the Tyrells have ruled as Wardens of the South for 300 years. A power struggle might take place between their vassals unless Lady Olenna herself chooses a successor.

House Tarly Of Horn Hill

Other than House Tyrell, the most powerful house in the Reach is House Tarly of Horn Hill. Their Lord Randyll Tarly, the father of Samwell, Dickon, and Talla, is also a renowned general and on good terms with Lord Mace. House Tarly could very well succeed the Tyrells as the Lords of the Reach.

Lord Tarly has already disinherited his son Samwell and forced him to take the Black. However, in his journey to become a maester, Sam returned to Horn Hill and had a very unpleasant meeting with his father. As he left, he took House Tarly’s ancestral weapon, a Valyrian steel sword named Heartsbane.

Samwell To Head House Tarly

As with any events in “Game of Thrones,” this could have a hidden meaning to be made clearer later in series. With war looming on the horizon, House Tarly will once again be at the forefront and could possibly lead to Randyll and Dickon’s death.

Sam the Slayer would then be sole remaining heir to House Tarly with Heartsbane in hand. With a quick pardon from his friend Jon Snow the King in the North, Samwell Tarly could very well become the head of a great house.

This is all just in theory of course but what great twist it would be if the fat kid became the hot guy on “Game of Thrones.”

And if there’s anyone who doubts his fighting skills, he didn’t get his name Sam the Slayer for nothing. It costs a Thenn and a White Walker to get it.


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