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Game Of Thrones Season Finale: Heartbreaking Moments And Shocking Developments

Game Of Thrones Season Finale: Heartbreaking Moments And Shocking Developments
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Game Of Thrones Season Finale: Heartbreaking Moments And Shocking Developments

While Game of Thrones has earned a reputation of pulling the most shocking and emotional surprises, Season 5 finale of the epic series was no exception.

And that’s exactly what happened in “Mother’s Mercy.” Jon Snow, arguably the best member of the Night’s Watch, was stabbed repeatedly before finally getting knifed in the heart. However, fans of the “A Song of Fire and Dance” series and the Game of Thrones show are hopeful that Snow just might come back, since the plot twists leave things a little unclear.

This speculation is based on an empirical theory, according to TIME: Snow might have somehow warged into his direwolf, Ghost, thereby evading death. Jon’s last word before he dies in the books – something which didn’t feature in the show – was “Ghost.”

But the question will still haunt the viewers until the next season opens in 2016.

Although writer and producer D.B. Weiss said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that “dead is dead,” author George RR Martin’s take wasn’t all that definitive. “If there’s one thing we know in A Song of Ice and Fire, it’s that death is not necessarily permanent,” he said.

Even David Nutter announced in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, putting it bluntly that “Jon Snow is dead.” As reported by Variety, Nutter, speaking about the speculation surrounding Snow’s death, said, “I can say emphatically that Jon Snow is definitely dead. I keep hearing that phrase in my head,’Ding dong, the witch is dead.’ After what you saw there, I think there’s no more clear picture whether he is dead or not.”

Could there be a more concrete confirmation of the fact?

Fans of the show expressed their disappointment and heartbreak on social media, some even going on to say that nothing was left on the show for them to watch.

Nutter also talked about Kit Harrington’s last day on set.

“He is a consummate professional,” Nutter said. “It wasn’t unlike the Red Wedding where everyone gets attached to people when you work with them for such a long time. You really grow quite fond of each other. You’re family. It was a lot of sadness on set… I took all of the extras aside prior to shooting the sequence and we read the Night’s Watch creed together, because I wanted them to feel like they are part of it. Without them being involved, it wouldn’t have worked as well. I wanted the scene to happen rather quickly, where it didn’t hang at all. That it would happen before you know it.”

Asked which was his toughest scene, Nutter said, “I have to say probably Cersei’s walk of shame because that needed to have the scope and immensity and size of King’s Landing and it was important to me to sell what she was going through emotionally and physically, and the real true hate that the people of King’s Landing had for her that needed to be demonstrated in the way that was correct — and reflected all the terrible things that she’d done through her tenure as queen.”

According to TorrentFreak, season finale of “Game of Thrones” yielded 1.5 million downloads in eight hours. This is expected to escalate to 10 million in the subsequent days to come. The finale also created a new record for the number of people sharing the same file. The 480p files were most downloaded by users, with higher quality 720p and 1080p not as much.

While “Game of Thrones” has been the most pirated television series in the last three years, it is no surprise if the show achieves the same in 2015.


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