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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Jaime Lannister & Brienne Of Tarth Bid Farewell

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Jaime Lannister & Brienne Of Tarth Bid Farewell
Podrick, Sansa, and Brienne from Game of Thrones / HBO


‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Jaime Lannister & Brienne Of Tarth Bid Farewell

“Game of Thrones” episode 8 witnessed many farewells. We had to say goodbye to The Blackfish, Lady Crane, The Waif, and that one poor Faith Militant who got his face ripped off and now Arya is also leaving Braavos. None of these compares, though, to the emotional farewell between Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth.

Arriving at during the siege, Brienne of Tarth sought an audience with the Kingslayer in order to deliver Sansa’s letter to the Blackfish. He agrees and she proceeds to return Oathkeeper saying that it was given to her for a purpose and that purpose has been completed.

Planning to convince Brynden Tully to relinquish the castle and instead head north to aid Sansa and Jon, she is warned of the Blackfish’s stubbornness. She then tells Jaime that should she fail to convince Tully and the Lannisters attack Riverrun, honor compels her to fight him to which he acknowledges.

Sinking to a new low even by ‘Game of Thrones‘ standards, Jaime Lannister resorted to threatening to hurl Lord Edmure’s child with a catapult to quickly secure Riverrun’s surrender. While disarming the defenders, the Blackfish helps Brienne and Pod escape by boat.

The Kingslayer later receives a report that they have found the Brynden Tully but says that he died fighting. While standing in the castle’s rampart overlooking the river, he sees the boat bearing the two.

In a touching moment, Jaime Lannister bids his farewell prompting Brienne of Tarth to do the same. This short scene shows that the two genuinely care about each other ever since their time as prisoners of the Boltons.

Both of them believe that they might not see each other again considering that he will return to King’s Landing to face the Faith Militant and she will return to the north to face the Boltons. Either or both of them could die in the process and although they hope for better, this was the only way they can properly say goodbye to one another.

Surely, “Game of Thrones” fans will be rooting for Tormund now more than ever. Hopefully, she notices the red-bearded wildling before the war with the Boltons comes episode 9.

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