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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 5 ‘The Door’ Recap: Hodor Dead Confirmed

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 5 ‘The Door’ Recap: Hodor Dead Confirmed
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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 5 ‘The Door’ Recap: Hodor Dead Confirmed

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 episode 5 has just aired and the big revelations it contained are through the roof. From alliances, to White Walkers, and even our good friend Hodor, the episode titled “The Door” just opened to a world of revelations about the characters that fans could have never expected. The prime question now is, “Is Hodor Dead?”

If you’re not lucky enough to have watched the leaked episode (there is one, by the way as reported) or chose not to (because honestly, the resolution is so low, you’re better off), you might have been shocked by tonight’s big reveals. We lined up everything that happened in episode 5 and their possible implications in the story.

Sansa Stark Confronts Littlefinger And Receives News About Riverrun

The episode begins with Sansa Stark meeting Littlefinger and confronting him about what happened to her with the Boltons. Sansa tells him about her wedding night and how she suffered under Ramsay Bolton. Despite denying that he knew about Ramsay, Sansa still threatened to order Brienne to strike him down.

Realizing that he can no longer manipulate Sansa, Littlefinger resorts to bribing her by offering the knights of the Vale in her anticipated war with House Bolton. As this fails as well, he proceeds to leave but not before telling her that her great-uncle, Brynden Tully has gathered the remaining Tully forces and recaptured Riverrun.

This single meeting shatters Littlefinger’s hopes for an alliance with the Starks. With his deal with the Boltons dying with Roose Bolton, his forces are now only limited to the forces of the Vale, not enough to compete with the armies of the Lannisters, let along the Tyrells.

Arya Stark Relives Her Past To Gain Her Future

Back in Braavos, Arya Stark is getting another beating from the Waif. After giving her a bloody nose, she tells her that she will never be one of the Faceless Men just as Jaqen H’ghar enters the room and shockingly agrees with the Waif.

After the training, Arya accompanies Jaqen to the hall of faces where he gives her a new mission: kill an actress. She goes to the play and to her shock it shows her farther’s final moments which she witnessed firsthand back in King’s Landing.

She then follows the actors on the backstage and decides on the method she will use to kill her target. She then asks Jaqen about why the woman must die to which he replies that they are servants of the Red God and that servants do not question.

Could this mission be another test for Arya Stark in her quest to be a Faceless Man? Does Jaqen H’ghar want her to completely lose her identity as a whole and be truly No One?

Bran Finds Out The Origins Of The White Walkers

Bran Stark is yet in another vision with the Three-Eyed Raven. This time they see Leaf and with her kind near a Godswood with large rocks following a pattern. A closer inspection of the pattern reveals it is the same pattern White Walkers love to arrange the corpses of their victims as well as in their altar.

He witnesses the Children of the Forest drive a piece of dragonglass into a man tied to the Godswood. As the man screams, his eyes begin to turn blue resembling those of a White Walker.

Bran awakes and confronts the Leaf about them creating the White Walkers. She replies that they created them because they are being slaughtered. They needed to defend themselves from the First Men who have just arrived in Westeros.

This could be the reason why the Walkers are capable of using magic given that their creators are adept in magic. It seems the Children of the Forest have knowledge that can prove to be useful in the coming war.

Euron Greyjoy Becomes King Of The Iron Islands

The Iron-born are in the process of naming a new leader and Yara Greyjoy is staking her claim with the support of Theon. Just as they gather the support of the Iron-born, Euron Greyjoy arrives and as he reveals his plans to seek an alliance with Daenerys Targaryen he is chosen as the new king of the Iron Islands.

This prompts Theon and Yara to desert. While Euron is being ceremonially crowned, they gather loyalist and steal the best ships of the Iron Fleet. This theft doesn’t seem to bother Euron Greyjoy and proceeds to command all Iron-Islanders to build him a thousand ships to offer to Daenerys Targaryen.

With the Iron-born divided between, it can be safely assumed that the invasion of the north is now on hold. Euron Greyjoy might hope to seduce Daenerys with his navy considering her ships were burned by the Sons of the Harpy.

Daenerys Sends Jorah On A Mission

After the successful rescue at Vaes Dothrak, Daenerys Targaryen reminds Jorah of his banishment. Despite accepting him back into her House, Jorah is reluctant and shows her his hand which is affected by Greyscale. He proceeds to leave her but not before telling Daenerys that he loves her.

Daenerys calls to him, telling him that he has sworn to serve her and that she wants him to be at her side when she returns to Westeros. She then orders him to find a cure wherever it may be after which he must return and continue to serve her.

Should Daenerys return Jorah’s feelings for her, she will no longer be able to use marriage as leverage. And even if a cure exists somewhere, Jorah might not be able to get it before the madness sets in.

Varys and Tyrion Seek The Help Of Kinvara

After Tyrion Lannister’s negotiations with the masters, the city of Mereen has been quiet. Despite Varys congratulating him for his accomplishment, he admits it is not enough. The people must know that it was Daenerys who brought back the peace to which he proceeds to seek the help of a Red Priestess named Kinvara.

Tyrion proposes his plan to Kinvara but apparently she doesn’t convincing as she believes the Mother of Dragons is the one that was promised. Varys appears doubtful of her considering that Stannis Baratheon was also proclaimed to be the one that was promised.

Kinvara proceeds to ask Varys about how he was cut when his parts were tossed into the flames and heard a voice calling out to him. Kinvara asks him if he wants to know what the voice said and who the voice belonged to before telling him that they serve the same queen.

Could this mean that R’hllor has plans for the Spider? The priestess of R’hllor might be helping Daenerys seeing this as a new opportunity to convert the people of the Seven Kingdoms after Thoros of Myr failed.

Bran And The Night’s King Meet Face To Face

Bran once again enters into one of his visions although this time he is alone. He finds himself in the altar of the White Walkers surrounded by wights. As he walks toward the altar he sees the Walkers mounted on dead horses.

Believing that he couldn’t be seen Bran scans his surroundings and as he turns he finds the Night’s King behind him and grabs his hand. Terrified he returns to the lair of the Three-Eyed Raven.

The Raven asks if he was touched by the Night’s King and he reluctantly admits it to which the Raven tells them to leave. Bran replies that they cannot get in but the Raven tells him that Bran has received his mark and they can get to him now.

How can the Walkers see Bran? If the walkers are capable of seeing wargs and even touching them, it could be possible that they possess the same powers. It could be the reason why they found the Night’s Watch at the Fist despite them not encountering any Walkers along the way.

Sansa and Jon Snow Plan Their Move

After Littlefinger left Castle Black, Jon Snow and the others begin planning on how they could repel the Boltons. Davos advises that if they want Stark loyalists to aid them, they must convince that it is a cause they can win.

Jon identifies the houses that could still be loyal to the Starks and Sansa points out the possibility of the Tully’s helping them. Davos reasons that they might be loyal but Jon does not carry the Stark name. Sansa replies that Jon is Ned Stark’s son as much as Ramsay is Roose Bolton’s and if necessary she will lead them as she is a Stark.

Should Jon and Sansa recruit House Manderly and House Tully; their forces will be equally matched with those of House Bolton. The only deciding factor in the battle would be the commanders and on this front, the Starks have the advantage.

Hold The Door

As Bran and the Raven embark on a vision one last time Meera Reed engages in one-sided conversation with Hodor. Suddenly she runs outside and finds the White Walkers and their army of wights.

The Children of the Forest tell her to get Bran and flee as they defend the entrance with magic. Unable to lift Bran out she tells him to warg into Hodor, Bran hears her in the vision and the Raven tells him to do it. He sees a young Hodor/Wyllis and proceeds to enter his mind.

The wights enter the Raven’s lair and kill the Raven, Summer and all of the Children except Leaf. She, Meera, Hodor, and Bran travel through a tunnel with the wights right behind them. Leaf stays behind and using an explosive proceeds to buy time for them even just for a moment.

As they reach the end of the tunnel Meera tells Hodor to hold the door as they run across the snow. In the vision, Bran sees the young Hodor go into a seizure and in his horror hears him scream “Hold the door!” until it is reduced to “Hodor”.

This one experience can have a profound impact on Bran. He now knows that he can influence the past with his powers. This could also prove the theory that he must be behind Robert’s Rebellion what the Mad King describes to be “The voice in his head”.

This is all that happened in Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5. This episode is perhaps the biggest yet in terms of the revelations in contained. With these events drastically changing the state of affairs in Westeros, the series might be nearing its conclusion.

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