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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Brienne-Tormund Romance Is Real, Director Says

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Brienne-Tormund Romance Is Real, Director Says
Podrick, Sansa, and Brienne from Game of Thrones / HBO

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Brienne-Tormund Romance Is Real, Director Says

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 episode 4 director Dan Sackheim confirmed that Brienne + Tormund is definitely real, at least as far as the leader of the wildlings is concerned. Fans are definitely shipping the couple after their first meeting turned up the heat so much it threatened to melt The Wall.

According to TV Guide, the episode’s director confirmed that fans weren’t just seeing what they wanted to see. Tarthbane is real and the scene was supposed to introduce this romance to the viewers.

Dan Sackheim admitted that when the he delivered the episode, he wasn’t even sure if the message was clear. Judging from the reaction, gifs, and memes that popped up after the episode, the “Game of Thrones” fans are pretty clear that they get it.

Unfortunately, the romance is still one sided as Brienne of Tarth is not yet interested in Tormund. She still has the urgent business of protecting Sansa and if given the chance, take vengeance on the Red Woman for her role in Renly Baratheon’s death.

According to The Independent, the two seem to be an unlikely couple given that Brienne is a noblewoman and heir to Tarth while Tormund Giantsbane is well, a wildling. Although it is possible that it is not her beauty that captured his heart, it could have been her rugged look and imposing stature that (our wildling seems to have a thing for strong women, and bears for that matter).

Whether the Valyrian steel-wielding lady notices the bear loving bachelor or not, it is good to know that their romance is not merely fanfiction. With director Dan Sackheim confirming that the “B+T” romance is in the script, it is inevitable that there will be more awkward scenes between these two.

“Game of Thrones” might be filled with sex, violence, and betrayals but this romance shows that it can also nurture a relationship between two unlikely people. Now, the question in everyone’s mind is: What about Jaime Lannister?

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