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‘Game of Thrones’ Saved Actress From Early Death

‘Game of Thrones’ Saved Actress From Early Death
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‘Game of Thrones’ Saved Actress From Early Death

Who could have hought that “Game of Thrones,” a show better known for its gross depiction of violence and death could save a soul in real life?

While the hit fantasy drama TV series has been earning more and more admiration from its followers, it has also earned a new life for one of its cast members.

According to Page Six, 27-year-old Josephine Gillan admitted to owing her life to the successful HBO TV program.

“’Game of Thrones’ saved my life,” Gillan, who played the role of Marei, a prostitute, since the second season narrated. “I couldn’t have gone on for much longer.”

“I was addicted to cocaine and to keep the supply I needed I had to sell my body three or four times a week. I was earning thousands of pounds a time for sleeping with wealthy punters,” she added. “They’d pay a fortune knowing they were having sex with a porn star.”

The “Game of Thrones” actress continued to reveal that while being addicted to cocaine, she would get as much as $5,800 for an “all-night session” with a client.

Accordingly, the amount that she raised could have already given her a good life, however, “all the money was being blown on drugs. I was a train crash.”

But that was a thing in the past.

At present, Gillan is already among the most sought-after actresses with three independent films in the pipeline.

With so much to look forward to about the petite redhead actress, the “Games of Thrones” season 6 spoilers also have exciting details to keep its fans upbeat and ecstatic about.

The Telegraph UK theorized that the sixth season’s episode 6 might just uncover the truth behind the real mother of Jon Snow (Kit Harrington).

It was surmised that Eddard Stark’s younger sister, Lyanna Stark, could be Jon Snow’s mother, as she was presumed to be the one standing on the Tower. This means that based on the “Game of Thrones” season 6 spoilers, Rhaegar Targaryen could just be his father.

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