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‘Game Of Thrones’ Hodor Is Alive? Kristian Nairn Hints Big GOT Twist

‘Game Of Thrones’ Hodor Is Alive? Kristian Nairn Hints Big GOT Twist
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Hodor Is Alive? Kristian Nairn Hints Big GOT Twist

Is Hodor alive? “Game of Thrones” Season 6 Episode 5 “The Door” now seems like a distant memory and that the events that transpired within it nothing more than a bad dream. But could there be more to the death of Hodor than meets the eye? Actor Kristian Nairn words could possibly hold the answer.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers

The Irish DJ and actor is currently in the Philippines as a guest in the annual Toycon and an opportunity to ask about the series is too good to pass up on.

When asked about the fate of his character, Kristian Nairn’s response was “I know he’s dead, but it’s GOT, anything could happen”.

Is this a hint that the gentle giant will make an appearance in future ‘Game of Thrones’ episodes? Here is why Morning News USA thinks he will. Considering that Hodor was killed by wights, there is a huge chance that he can come back as one of them.

Imagine the shock and guilt Bran will experience when he sees Hodor not dead, but now a shambling blue-eyed undead. Will he, Meera, or Benjen be able to kill him again considering they all have an emotional attachment to the stable boy?

Game of Thrones Season 6  Theories 6

Another possibility, although this is a long shot, is that somehow, he is alive and was saved by another unknown force such as Leaf’s brethren, The Children of the Forest, much like how Benjen Stark managed to survive.

Although not showing his death made it more dramatic, it also made his departure open to speculations that he is still alive.

Hopefully, we do see more of him in future episodes, his sudden demise right after the big “Hold the door!” revelation was upsetting for MANY. But as he says, this is “Game of Thrones,” anything can happen and if Jon Snow can return from the dead, there is a chance that Hodor can too!

Kristian Nairn will be in the Philippines for Toycon and his “Rave of Thrones” concert.

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