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Game Of Thrones: Is Jon Snow Really Dead? Kit Harrington’s Hair Say Otherwise

Game Of Thrones: Is Jon Snow Really Dead? Kit Harrington’s Hair Say Otherwise
Jon Snow Tribute Sayan Bhowmik / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Game Of Thrones: Is Jon Snow Really Dead? Kit Harrington’s Hair Say Otherwise

British actor Kit Harrington was spotted on Day Four of the Wimbledon Championships in his Game of Thrones’ trademark hairstyle and beard. The sighting provoked rumors as to whether the television character Jon Snow will return next season.

During season 5’s finale, Snow is shown lying on the snow, bleeding after he was stabbed and murdered by members of the Night’s Watch. With all heartbreaks it caused, it also stirred up speculation as to whether he really is dead.

As per the guidelines of the contract, Harrington couldn’t cut his hair as long as he appeared on the show, according to Sydney Morning Herald. Even while filming Testament of Youth, where his character had short hair, Harrington had to wear a wig.

The British actor has made it clear that he has left the show for good. He was reportedly told by the show’s writers, “Look, you’re gone; it’s done.”

Rolling Stone reported that the British actor’s post-show plans did not include maintaining the same hairstyle.

“I told my agent, ‘No more swords, no more horses,” Harrington said. “You [don’t want to] get stuck in things. And maybe I can cut my f***ing hair.”

Director David Nutter emphasized in an interview with Variety that Snow was indeed dead.

“I can say emphatically that Jon Snow is definitely dead,” he said

Though much of the speculation surrounding Snow’s death springs from an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where George R.R. Martin, the author of the critically acclaimed and literary phenomenon series A Song of Fire and Ice, was asked why he killed Snow. To this, the author replied, “Oh, you think he’s dead, do you?”

Whether Snow will make a comeback or not remains to be seen. And while Harrington maintains that he is not returning, “don’t expect any Game of Thrones fan to give up hope now—unless he decides to get a haircut,” as reported by TIME.


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