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Game Of Thrones Is Ending, Jon Snow Is Dead – Some Revelations From HBO Chief Himself

Game Of Thrones Is Ending, Jon Snow Is Dead – Some Revelations From HBO Chief Himself
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Game Of Thrones Is Ending, Jon Snow Is Dead – Some Revelations From HBO Chief Himself

All good things must come to an end, so as the beloved Game of Thrones and Jon Snow.

HBO programming president, Michael Lombardo, made the shocking announcement that the fantasy drama will end by its eighth season.

As for Snow, he is indeed dead, said the HBO chief.

Game of Thrones ends in season 8

The announcement actually is a relief to die-hard fans of the drama series. It was previously decided that Game of Thrones would only last until season 7. And although Lombarto is already talking about ‘the end,’ he is actually hinting about extending the show.

“Seven seasons and out’ has never been the conversation,” Lombardo was quoted as telling by the Los Angeles Times. He was speaking with the press at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills.

“The question is how much beyond seven are we going to do. [Benioff and Weiss] feel like there’s two more years after six. I would always love for them to change their minds,” Lombarto said.

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Jon Snow is dead, PERIOD

There are lots of speculations about Jon Snow not really being dead, but would come back from the dead for the next season. Fans are guessing that he will survive the back stabbing and literal stabbing he endured from season 5.

Some fans, including Chris Brown, noted the change in his eye color in the last scene. They connected this to red priestess Melisandre who has the ability to resurrect characters from the dead.

Fans would never let Jon Snow go, because as TV Line noted, the show had actually offered hope. At the end of Season 5, Sam said: “I’ve been worrying about Jon for years, he always comes back.”

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The fires of hope blaze when reports of Kit Harrington filming in Belfast made headlines everywhere. However, Lombarto said with finality that the beloved character is dead.

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“Dead is dead is dead is dead. He be dead. Yes, Everything I’ve seen and heard and read, Jon Snow is indeed dead,” Lombardo said in conclusion.

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