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‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode 9 Batte Of The Bastards Recap: Ramsay Bolton Poetic Justice

‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode 9 Batte Of The Bastards Recap: Ramsay Bolton Poetic Justice
Jon Snow from Game of Thrones / HBO

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode 9 Batte Of The Bastards Recap: Ramsay Bolton Poetic Justice

“Game of Thrones” episode 9 “Battle of the Bastards” justice just concluded, and in perhaps one of the most gut-wrenching and tear-jerking scenes, the Stark banners are once again flying in Winterfell. As for Ramsay Bolton, well, let’s just say every dog has its day.

After a parlay that went nowhere, where Lord Bolton threatened to kill Rickon Stark, the Stark and Bolton forces faced each other in the same field where Stannis Baratheon lost once before. The considerable odds the Stark forces face are reflected in the face of their men.

True to his threat, Ramsay Bolton brings Rickon to the field telling him to run to his brother. The young Stark proceeds to walk but runs as arrows rain at his direction.

Jon Snow rides to save his half-brother only to arrive as an arrow pierces Rickon’s heart.

Jon is naturally angered by the death of his brother and charges the Bolton lines. The majority of his army follows and the “Battle of the Bastards” officially starts.

However, Jon is knocked down after his horse is hit by multiple arrows and with the Bolton cavalry charging at him. He draws his sword to face the oncoming charge but his forces arrive just in time and clashes with the enemy.

What follows is total carnage as Bolton archers rain arrows at their enemies as well as their own forces, true to Ramsay’s cruelty in “Game of Thrones.”

After the Stark forces are mowed down, Bolton infantry led by Smalljon Umber surround the remaining men and proceeds to demolish them.

As Wun Wun frantically tries to break the encirclement, Jon is trampled by his retreating troops. Just as he breaks out of the mountain of bodies, they hear a blaring horn, in the distance, the Knights of the Vale arrives with Littlefinger along with Sansa Stark revealing the true recipient of her letter from “Game of Thrones” episode 7.

As Ramsay watches his ranks get smashed by the reinforcements, he returns to Winterfell with his remaining retainers. Tormund, Wun Wun, and Jon Snow give chase and are followed by more of their men.

As they reach the walls of the castle, Ramsay muses that the Stark armies are destroyed, but his men also remind him that theirs is destroyed as well. He replies that they have Winterfell and that they cannot mount as siege but just as he finished saying it the gate is rattled by a huge bang.

Wun Wun is breaking the gate with the archers desperately trying to kill the giant before he destroys the gate. He succeeds and the remaining defenders are killed off leaving Ramsay. Clutching a bow he kills Wun Wun and demands to face Jon Snow in single combat.

In what is probably the shortest fight in “Game of Thrones” history, Jon picks up a shield as the defeated Lord of Winterfell shoots three arrows at him. Jon Snow proceeds to beat him bloody, stopping only after seeing Sansa’s apathetic look.

And there you have — the “Battle of the Bastards” is finally over. But as this the “Game of Thrones,” where drama is as thick as violence.

The Bolton banners are removed and Stark banners are once flown in Winterfell. Rickon’s body is brought back in to be buried in the crypts. Sansa asks where Ramsay is and she proceeds to go to him in the kennels.

The bloodied Lord Bolton is chained up as Sansa tells him that he will be forgotten as well as House Bolton, that their words “Our Blades Are Sharp” will be lost. She proceeds to release the Bastard’s Girls from their cages.

Ramsay confidently tells her that they are loyal and that they will never harm him. Sansa replies that they WERE loyal but now they are starving. They lick the blood of his face then proceeded to bite him as he screams; Sansa Stark leaves the kennels satisfied in one of the best servings of poetic justice in “Game of Thrones.”

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