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Galaxy Unpacked 2015: Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung S6 Edge+ – Nothing More Than Better, Bigger Versions Of Old Smartphones?

Galaxy Unpacked 2015: Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung S6 Edge+ – Nothing More Than Better, Bigger Versions Of Old Smartphones?
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Galaxy Unpacked 2015: Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung S6 Edge+ – Nothing More Than Better, Bigger Versions Of Old Smartphones?

The event opened on a very impressive note:

“What does it take to stay ahead of the curve?
Start with the Rules
Now bend them
Question Everything
And think of the next big thing
Next is Now”

That speaks a lot about Samsung’s philosophy. Moving on to the event…

Galaxy Unpacked 2015 opened by JK Shin, CEO of Samsung’s mobile business, mentioned in the event that the smartphone audience is divided into two categories:

– Multimedia Consumers

– Multi-taskers

Where multimedia consumers are the ones who use their smartphones to watch TV, taking as well as sharing pictures and videos with quality audio, whereas the multi-taskers are the ones who use their smartphones to manage their busy lives.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 are launched while keeping in mind these two sections of society – Galaxy S6 Edge+ for multimedia consumers, Galaxy Note 5 for the multi-taskers. Now that you know which phone is tailor-made for you, you can make a quicker choice. Let us now move on and see if these phones will truly deliver what they are meant to deliver.

The Specifications

  Galaxy S6 Edge+ Galaxy Note 5
OS Android 5.1 with TouchWiz Android 5.1 with TouchWiz
Display 5.7-inch  SAMOLEDDual edge display, 2560×1440 5.7-inch  SAMOLED, 2560×1440
SoC Samsung LSI Exynos 74204xA57 @ 2.1GHz4xA53 @ 1.5GHz Samsung LSI Exynos 74204xA57 @ 2.1GHz4xA53 @ 1.5GHz
GPU Mali T760MP8 @ 772MHz Mali T760MP8 @ 772MHz
Camera 16MP rear camera,5MP front camera 16MP rear camera,5MP front camera
Battery 3000 mAh (11.55 Wh)non-removable 3000 mAh (11.55 Wh)non-removable
Sim Size Nano Sim Nano Sim
Network 2G / 3G / 4GUE Category 6/9 LTE 2G / 3G / 4GUE Category 6/9 LTE

At the launch of these smartphones, Samsung claimed that it has brought together the best of their technologies together introduced in two different years – larger display phones and curved glass technology.

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What’s New in Galaxy Note 5?

Justin Denison, Vice President, Product Strategy and Marketing, Samsung Electronics America, said in the event, “Like the S6 Edge, the new Note flaunts the same design DNA. It’s crafted with metal and glass. Now we have the metal even stronger. It’s thinner, smaller and lighter than before. For the Note 5, we curved the glass on the back, the flat screen is great to write on and the curved back makes it easier to use with one hand.”

Speaking of the S Pen, the pen now comes with a clicking mechanism and has the ability to write onscreen when it is off. That offers you the benefit of not having to unlock your phone again and again. In simple words, the Note now works as a Notepad.

If you miss your keyboard, then here’s good news for you. The Galaxy Note 5 comes with a keyboard cover.

Keyboard Cover

From Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015 Live Stream / YouTube

Introducing the S6 Edge+

The S6 Edge+ was introduced by Alanna Cotton, Vice President, Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. Though the screen is bigger, the phone is smaller, said the Vice President.

Live Broadcast is a new feature brought to the phone. For this new device, Samsung has partnered with YouTube, making live streaming of your personal videos easier. Looks like after Apple, it’s Periscope that this South Korean Smartphones giant is competing with.

The President concluded saying, “That’s it! A beautiful Design, a brilliant curve display and live broadacast. But that’s only part of how the S6+ Edge makes your life more stylish and fun.”

The Verdict

The phones are bigger and improved versions of older smartphones from Samsung. Yes, there are a few new features here and there.

Fast and wireless charging is something we can look forward to as the main problem with smartphones is their battery life. No 3G or 4G is useful if your phone’s battery drains in no time.

Samsung Pay is another wonderful feature. Now you will have a smartphone that works as a swipe card. That is something interesting. But Apple has that, too.

Injong Rhee, Executive Vice President and Head of Samsung Pay, said, “Samsung Pay is accepted virtually anywhere.  It works at the big chains, it also works at even your local, let me get this right, fruit stores.” He also mentioned that retailers who accept cards will also accept Samsung Pay.

We would say that there is nothing about these phones that would make either the fans or the industry go crazy for. The brand might have been concentrating more on the design and looks than features. But yes, we cannot deny that features like Samsung Pay will be welcomed by everyone, as such features add to your convenience.

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