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Galaxy TabPro S: On Galaxy Continuity, Flux D App & C-Stylus

Galaxy TabPro S: On Galaxy Continuity, Flux D App & C-Stylus
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Galaxy TabPro S: On Galaxy Continuity, Flux D App & C-Stylus

Last January, Samsung has announced their first device that will run a Microsoft operating system. The 12-inch device is said to be called the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S.

Based on several reports circling around the web, the upcoming device will be able to connect or work together with a Samsung Galaxy S6 or any newer models from the Korean electronics firm. The said function is due to a feature that the tablet will be having, which for now, is being tagged as the “Galaxy Continuity” feature.

Just like the name implies, this feature will allow the user to integrate their mobile device with the tablet. All the user needs is to make sure that they have the Flux D app. Based on reports, the said app might be coming pre-loaded on the upcoming Galaxy TabPro S.

Flux D will enable a phone, providing that it fits the requirements, to be able to connect to the latest Samsung tablet with just a tagging gesture of a user’s Samsung mobile device, reports Phone Arena.  As of now what is probably capable of this are the latest Samsung Galaxy devices starting from S6 to the latest releases. However there is no confirmation yet whether this would be the case, or if older devices than S6 will be included as well.

Aside from the Galaxy Continuity, there is also the feature that enables the user to be able to receive and respond to notifications sent to their Galaxy handsets from the TabPro S. MSPoweruser says that Microsoft is expected to have a similar feature with the upcoming Windows 10 Redstone.

There were also rumors for a time pertaining to a Samsung stylus. However, for the past months, little is known regarding the said accessory. According to Tech Times, German site Cyberport was already seen to have published a listing regarding the South Korean company’s Bluetooth enabled stylus for the latest tab.

The stylus, which is referred to as the Samsung Bluetooth-C Stylus with a model number of EJ-UW700, was seen listed on a German retailer’s site. It can work with other tablets and smartphones too but it is optimized to work for the latest TabPro S. It is powered by a battery that can last up to 162 hours.

Based on the listing, the stylus will be using 4.0 LE and will come with an eraser button. It will be available starting March 31 and will be priced at € 59 EUR or about $66 USD. However, Samsung has not really said anything about it yet so one can’t be sure. For now, fans just needs to stay put and wait for the announcement, which could confirm both the stylus and the devices that are able to integrate with the latest Samsung tablet.

The Galaxy TabPro S is Samsung’s attempt to deliver a world class 2-in-1 tablet that will allow users to enjoy productivity and connections that matter the most. According to the device’s press release posted on the Samsung website, the premium tablet contains the most popular features of tablets and laptops.

Additionally, Samsung President and Head of Mobile Communications Business Dongjin Ko said that the “Galaxy TabPro S balances the best of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab with the wealth of features on the Windows 10 operating system for the most advanced tablet experience on the market.

The Korean company is “working with Microsoft Corp. to deliver a 2-in-1 tablet that truly allows people to enjoy productivity and connections that matter most, through a seamless mobile station designed for all purposes.”

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