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Galaxy S7 T-Mobile: Update Improving Battery Life, Voice Services, Samsung Pay And More

Galaxy S7 T-Mobile: Update Improving Battery Life, Voice Services, Samsung Pay And More
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Galaxy S7 T-Mobile: Update Improving Battery Life, Voice Services, Samsung Pay And More

If you have ditched Sprint or Verizon for Galaxy S7 T-Mobile, then you are about to feel good about your decision. Yes, because the company has released a software update for Samsung S7 and S7 Edge which is bringing some much needed improvements to the devices. Read on to know what the update plans to do to your S7 phones:

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are almost perfect phones, but  every device needs improvement here and there. So Galaxy S7 T-Mobile is releasing a software update for the same purpose. The over-the-air update was rolled out on Monday, 04th April, and here is where the improvements are made (as listed on Droid-Life):

  • Enhanced voice services
  • Samsung Pay updates
  • Various system improvements
  • The stability of Recording video has been improved
  • Overall device performance has been improved
  • Battery life has been optimized
  • The security of your device has been improved
  • Device stability improvements, bug fixes

Galaxy S7 T-Mobile update version UVU2APC8 weighs 146.91 MB for the bigger model, Galaxy S7 Edge and 215.56 MB for Samsung S7. To get the update on your S7 device, you should:

  1. Have at least 50% of your phone’s battery charged
  2. Have stable internet connection
  3. Have enough space on your device to download the update

Do you want to check whether the update has already been made available to your phone? To check the availability of the update, go to Home Screen > Apps logo. Now tap on Settings > About Device. Check the baseband version. It should show “UVU2APC8.”

T-Mobile is not the first carrier to update the software for Galaxy S7 series. Verizon has also rolled out the update for its customers. As you know, when any of the carriers does something, others follow. Now the ones who have still not released any update for the phones will soon come up with their own versions. So, if you are not on Verizon or T-Mobile, don’t lose heart. You too will receive the update sooner or later.

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