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Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Announced In ‘Pink Gold’; Coming Soon To Markets

Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Announced In ‘Pink Gold’; Coming Soon To Markets
Samsung Galaxy S7 box (2) Honou/Flickr CC BY 2.0


Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Announced In ‘Pink Gold’; Coming Soon To Markets

Smartphone makers know that when people ask for ‘something different’ in a phone, they also look for new colors as it has been ages since we are using black or white cell phones. Not just smartphones, but we also see that laptops are slowly opening to new colors. Though options of only a color or two are currently available, in the future we may see a huge range of colors. After iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, it is now Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge that has introduced a new color to buyers.

When Apple announced ‘Rose Gold’ iPhones, how can Samsung not follow the brand? For Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the company after a month of release announced a brand new color – “Pink Gold.”  The other options that are currently available are:

  1. Black Onyx,
  2. Gold Platinum,
  3. White Pearl, and
  4. Silver Titanium

Why Pink Gold? Is it just because the last released iPhones were Rose Gold?  Samsung in its blog post wrote,

“Pink Gold was chosen as it, like the other colors available for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, is a natural color that provides a sense of comfort. These hues glitter and shimmer as if illuminated from inside their glass surfaces. In particular, the refined Pink Gold color scheme is intended to soothe and incorporate a touch of gentleness, radiance, and sophistication to the smartphones’ design.”

The Pink Gold S7 Edge and S7 launched in Korea on April 20. The variant is said to be coming to other markets soon. When? Samsung has not yet announced the date for any of the other markets. So, are you excited for these new Galaxy S7, S7 Edge phones?

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