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Galaxy S7 Edge Plus May Be Replaced By Note 6 In The UK

Galaxy S7 Edge Plus May Be Replaced By Note 6 In The UK
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Galaxy S7 Edge Plus May Be Replaced By Note 6 In The UK

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus or Samsung Galaxy S7 are two of the most talked about and most awaited smartphones of 2016. The buzz started almost immediately after the launch of Note 5 and S6 Edge+ last year. As the launch of S7 Edge+ and Galaxy S7 is approaching, here comes the heart-breaking news that the company may not release one of its most awaited smartphones in the UK.

Samsung may replace Galaxy S7 Edge Plus with Note 6 in the UK. Why? “The problem, from Samsung’s perspective has been the furious backlash against the S6 Edge+ which outright replaced the Note 5 in the UK market. The Note has built up a significant following among users around the world, and when they found out they couldn’t get the latest model there was considerable rage,” reported Forbes.

The news is coming from a senior mobile executive who has spoken to journalists from TechRadar and Forbes. Some experts believe that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus may not actually get cancelled in the UK, but might be postponed. The main reason behind this decision is speculated to be sales of S6 Edge+. The smartphone did not do well in the market. Samsung hence also regretted not launching Note 5 in Europe.

Samsung Galaxy Note is a well-accepted smartphone. S6 series is not. Hence, keeping Galaxy Note aside has been proven to be a mistake earlier. If the brand now decides to stick to what people want from them, I would say it’s a wise decision. S6 or S7 series may take time to reach out to people and receive appreciation and acceptance from Galaxy Note fans.  Promoting the series along with Note is the only choice Samsung has if people are not ready to accept a new smartphone from the brand. Keep watching this space for more Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus updates.

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