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Galaxy S7 Camera: Sony Xperia No Longer The Best Camera Phone?

Galaxy S7 Camera: Sony Xperia No Longer The Best Camera Phone?


Galaxy S7 Camera: Sony Xperia No Longer The Best Camera Phone?

When the rumors about Galaxy S7 started, there were stories that Samsung is working to bring the best camera to its upcoming flagship. Some believed that Samsung may adopt Sony Xperia’s image sensor to deliver high-quality pictures. Then the news came that the company, though working on improving the camera, had actually downgrade the megapixels. Let’s us see what has happened with the Galaxy S7 camera:

Sony Xperia is known for its excellent quality camera. Whenever you are looking to buy a smartphone for photography, yo can blindly choose any of the Xperia phones. With so much buzz built around Galaxy S7 camera, I wonder if it has lived up to the expectations. Starting with the megapixels, yes, they have been downgraded to 12 MP. But Samsung has adopted dual-pixel technology for the phone. What is that? Every pixel has two photodiodes on the image sensor, instead of only one. How does that make things better? Your Galaxy S7 camera will focus as accurately and as fast as human eyes.

Galaxy S7 camera has not just focused on still photography, but also on motion pictures. To add action to your shots, Galaxy S7 camera has introduced motion panorama and motion photo on both the latest phones, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. This is how you can capture movements with motion panorama, motion photo lets you “capture the three beautiful seconds that happen before you press the shutter,” says Samsung. Then there comes a Spotlight feature that allows you to “highlight certain parts of your face and make your features stand out,” writes Samsung on its website. You can find the Spotlight feature in Beauty Mode.

The Galaxy S7 camera will also give you excellent results in low-light. Insufficient light is the main reason why we miss out on some of the best shots. Samsung seems to have fixed it too. To allow you to click even when there is not enough light indoors, or the sun has set on an outdoor shoot, Galaxy S7 has adopted a “brighter F1.7 lens and larger 1.4µm pixels on the image sensor” so that the phone captures much more light and deliver sharp pictures with excellent details.

When put on paper, this Galaxy S7 camera looks to be the best choice for photo freaks. It not just delivers quality pictures under any circumstance, but will also let you let you do something more than other smartphone photos do. Has it really been able to beat Sony Xperia? You will know once you start using the camera.

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