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Galaxy Note 7 Burned Jeep Cherokee: Get New Safe Device, Here’s How

Galaxy Note 7 Burned Jeep Cherokee: Get New Safe Device, Here’s How
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge_7 TechStage / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


Galaxy Note 7 Burned Jeep Cherokee: Get New Safe Device, Here’s How

The mobile phone giant Samsung has issued an Exchange Program for its Galaxy Note 7 model sold in the U.S in response to ‘battery cell issues’. But why the recall was issued anyway?

A St. Petersburg man just had his Jeep Grand Cherokee burnt to ashes after he left his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 charging on his Jeep’s console. Minutes after he left the phone in the car, the next thing he saw was his much-valued and newly upgraded Jeep on fire, the Fox 13 News reported.

Galaxy Note 7 Recall

According to the official statement issued by Samsung Friday, all Samsung customers who purchased the Galaxy Note 7 in the U.S must have their units turned off and replaced for safety purposes.

Samsung issued the massive and voluntary recall of the Galaxy Note 7 after unspecified reports of ‘battery issues’. Samsung, however, did not specify what are those issues that prompted the recall.

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“We are advising that you power down your Note7 and exchange it now, as part of our U.S. Product Exchange Program for all Galaxy Note7 owners. We strongly advise all customers to use this exchange program because your safety is our top priority. Additional sales and shipments of the affected devices have been stopped, but if you already have a Galaxy Note7, we strongly advise that you replace it,” an excerpt of Samsung’s Exchange Program reads.

Galaxy Exchange Program

All purchased Galaxy 7 smartphones will be replaced with the new Galaxy Note 7. But pending the CPSC approval, those who will return their Note7 handsets will get Samsung J series phone loaner in select outlets nationwide until the new and approved Galaxy Note 7 will be released.

Users have also the option to have their Galaxy Note 7 models replaced with Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge plus a refund for the price difference between models. A $25 gift card will also be given to qualified clients, the statement added.

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