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Galaxy Note 6 Specs Reveal Android N Features

Galaxy Note 6 Specs Reveal Android N Features
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Galaxy Note 6 Specs Reveal Android N Features

As Google is expected to release the Android N this coming Google I/O conference, more details are being revealed. According to new reports, the upcoming firmware will be offering redesigned settings while tying it to changes in the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and Chrome OS.

Several mockups of the Android update have surfaced already. The said mockups reveal that Google may have redesigned the interface, including its settings feature. The mockups are reportedly based on the real Android N screenshots, according to Android Police. This time Google is trying out a new top bar feature complete with the Do Not Disturb status. Likewise, users will be able to switch modes right from the drop down. All in all, people will see Google trying to make things unified especially by removing the divider between individual items. Whether Google is trying to solve much of the fragmentation issues or other things on the interface, remains a mystery until the final announcement.

Likewise, with all the changes seen on the mockups and including the recently released Android devices, several speculations have arisen. For instance, the Galaxy Note 6 will reportedly come with 6GB RAM which according to Know Your Mobile is “insane” even by Android’s and Samsung’s standards. Samsung may know something about the upcoming Android N to incorporate such memory in its flagship.

Galaxy Note 6 may be offered in more ways than just a phablet with a stylus. Pairing that kind of storage with Snapdragon 812 or new Exynos setup could easily substitute for a laptop experience. The report also speculates that the next big Google update may have something to do with the merging of Android and ChromeOS. Google has not provided any final details about the firmware so all information must be taken with a grain of salt.

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