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Could She Be The Future ‘Mrs. Prince Harry?’

Could She Be The Future ‘Mrs. Prince Harry?’


Could She Be The Future ‘Mrs. Prince Harry?’

Twenty-four-year-old Afghanistan war veteran Kirstie Ennis delayed her leg amputation in order to finish a charity trek with Prince Harry in October.

Twenty-four-year-old Afghanistan war veteran Kirstie Ennis delayed her leg amputation in order to finish a charity trek with Prince Harry in October. She made the prince emotional at the end of the trek as she gifted him a dog tag from her comrades during the war. Now that the lady war veteran went on to have her leg amputated, Prince Harry had been contacting her on a daily basis.

Ennis was a gunner in a U.S. Marine Sikorsky helicopter that crash-landed in 2012. Her machine gun hit her face. She also suffered serious leg injuries as well as damages in her arms and spine.

Prince Harry and Ennis first met in 2013 during the Warrior Games event in Colorado, U.S. But their friendship went up a notch when she postponed her leg amputation and instead finished a 1,000-mile trek from Scotland to London with Prince Harry. She was able to help raise the needed funds for the prince’s charity, the Walking With the Wounded.

She made the Prince choke up when she handed her a dog tag from one of her comrades she lost during the war. “No I can’t, I can’t accept this,” Prince Harry said emotionally, according to People. At the finish line of the trek, at Buckingham Palace, Ennis and Prince Harry hugged each other.

Ennis told the Daily Mail that while she was in the arms of the prince, she realized it was time to finally brave the surgery to remove one of her legs. Days before her operation, she posted a photo of herself in a red bikini, and she was a total beauty. On Nov. 24, she posted a photo of herself after the successful operation, more beautiful than ever.

Sources close to Prince Harry told Daily Mail that he would have visited her after the operation if he wasn’t tied up with another charity work in South Africa. But the two is set to meet again in May 2016 in the U.S. for the Invictus Games.

“Prince Harry has been very supportive. It makes this all a bit easier, knowing that there are people out there who believe in me,” Ennis told Daily Mail.

“I am doing extremely well and am quite optimistic that this recovery process will be a breeze. I am looking forward to seeing Harry when I compete in the Invictus Games,” she said.

This was a hard one. There are people in your recovery who turn into your rock, and they never even truly realize it. Since my injury, I have met some of the most remarkable, and inspiring people. Chris Van Etten and Colleen Baune became pillars of strength for me even through the new challenges they faced after TJs passing. We may not be terribly close as we were in the beginning of my recovery, but I’ll always feel indebted to you. I truly don’t feel like I would be as far as I am now without you being there in the start. Thank you. I did this for you to honor TJ. All my love, and best wishes. As we finished at Buckingham Palace today, TJs dog tag was left with Prince Harry to be honored and remembered. Prince Harry has become a dear friend to us and genuine advocate for our militaries. KIA Cpl TJ Baune 21 August 1990-13 June 2012 USMC OEF Rest easy Brother, we will take it from here. #princeharry #buckinghampalace #honorthefallen #protectourown #walkofbritain #walkingwiththewounded @stand4heroes A photo posted by Kirstie Ennis (@kirstie_ennis) on

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