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Fun Pranks For National Siblings Day

Fun Pranks For National Siblings Day
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Fun Pranks For National Siblings Day

April 10 is celebrated in certain parts of the United States as the National Siblings Day.

And what is common among siblings worldwide? You guessed it right – pulling pranks! For your convenience, Morning News USA have compiled a list of popular pranks you can play on your siblings. But, let us warn you, be careful – your sibling may also have something planned.

  1. Spider trick: Nothing works better than the good ol’ hide-a-spider-in-your-siblings-handbag trick. It’s simple, efficient, and will definitely yield favorable results. However, it is advisable to not try on one who has a fear of spiders. That may not go down that well.
  2. The one with the itch: This is perhaps one of the most creative pranks of all time. Once your sibling is asleep, put some shaving cream or toothpaste on their hands (needless to say, be careful that it doesn’t wake them up) and then tickle their nose. You’ll know what happens next. Ha ha.
  3. Cereal bowl trick: This one can be a little difficult to execute, but – if performed well – guarantees fun. Offer your sibling a bowl of cereal (note: your sibling may smell something fishy, so you need to be subtle), but add salt in the milk. This cannot – will not – go wrong.
  4. Alarm trick: Waking up someone from their deep slumber is always extremely anguishing. And a prank which involves the same – well, we needn’t say any more. Place a number of alarm clocks (phones will work equally well) around your siblings when they’re sleeping, setting them at different times in the night.
  5. The girlfriend/boyfriend trick: Trust us, this is the most evil of all – something that makes all evil pranks sound amateurish. The next time that you meet your siblings’ girlfriends/boyfriends, say “Oh, you must be [insert a completely random name]. I’ve heard so much about you! My brother/sister keeps talking about you all day.” And then give them a wide smile – a smile, should we say, they will never ever forget.”

In the United States, almost 80 percent of all children have at least one sibling, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. While the National Siblings Day isn’t federally recognized, its popularity has spread to other countries as well.

The National Siblings Day was conceived by Claudia Evart, the founder of the Siblings Day Foundation, a non profit organization, who lost her siblings early in life. The tenth day of April was chosen by Evart in honor of the birthday of her sister, Lisette.

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