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‘Fuller House’ Lori Loughlin On Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen: ‘They’re Women Now!’

‘Fuller House’ Lori Loughlin On Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen: ‘They’re Women Now!’
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‘Fuller House’ Lori Loughlin On Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen: ‘They’re Women Now!’

“Fuller House” actress Lori Loughlin is fine with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s decision not to reprise their roles in the show. The twins were literally babies when they joined the show, after all. They are now fully-grown women and have established themselves away from their acting career. Aunt Becky of America understands this very well.

Even as the show already wrapped up, the question as to why the Olsen twins did not reprise their roles remain. Speaking with E! News Loughlin said she is personally tired of answering the question as it has been asked too many times. It should be clear by now that the cast does not harbor ill-feelings toward the twins.

Loughlin added that she understands the twins have grown up and their interests have waned from acting. “I am tired of fielding the Olsen twin question. You know why? I love the Olsen girls and I think they’ve built this amazing fashion empire, they’re women now, they’re leading their lives and if they don’t want to come back and do the show, that is their choice. [Laughs.] I have no judgment about that,” she said.

With or without the Olsens, the cast of “Fuller House” remained as intact as ever, even as the “Full House” wrapped by more than two decades ago. Loughlin shared that the show has opened many doors for her, and this makes her grateful for her “Aunt Becky” role.

“You know, to this day I still get people calling me Aunt Becky and I’m not offended by that at all. Full House has afforded me wonderful opportunities in my career,” she shared. “I feel lucky. I didn’t get boxed in by that, I’m still working, so it’s all good.”

This is why returning to the Tanner clan in “Fuller House” was such a big deal for the lady. She added that when they started filming “Fuller House,” everything felt surreal. “It was a little surprising the first time I walked on set and I saw our old set… I didn’t expect that to be as emotional as it was.” she shared.

When it comes to the twins, Loughlin is right. They’re both grown women running their empire. In fact, they took their business so seriously they do nothing much else.  The two were spotted leaving their office together recently, wearing matching black outfits and similar bags. The problem is that they both looked so tired and weary, as if it was a very long day at work, as reported by Daily Mail UK.

The season one of Fuller House is currently available on Netflix.

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