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Full Android Mirroring To ChromeCast Coming Soon

Full Android Mirroring To ChromeCast Coming Soon


Full Android Mirroring To ChromeCast Coming Soon

Google amazing magical dongle, Chromecast was a flabbergasting roll out, mainly because of the amazing price tag of $35. The ability to stream live content, TV channels, documentaries and much more in such a depleted price was more than welcomed all around the world.

The recent mesh of the Google API SDK for the Chromecast developers made it more useful and demanding. But what if you hear the news that a new feature is coming that will soon enable you to mirror your Android device on the screen using the Chromecase? Yes! Developer Koushik Dutta, best known as Koush, posted a meme to his Google+ page teasing Android mirroring via the Chromecast. That means the Dutta is up to something and that can really break the hell out because this is something many people have been waiting for since long

What this feature can do you ask? Well, you can stream the videos on the screen from your mobile, watch the videos you have saved in your mobile memory directly from Chromecast, interact live with the peer Chromecast and much more. The questions remains that what are the exact chances of the release of this feature that is likely to elevate the value of the Google Chromecast. One thing is for sure, Developer Koushik Dutta, did post the meme on his Google+ profile just days after the Mountain View enable the Google Chromecast SDK on the developer’s section.

Koushik Dutta of CyanogenMod fame is teasing fans with support for screen casting Android to the ChromeCast, a feature that might be coming soon to his AllCast app. Dutta got fame when he was able to break the API restriction put by Google to select partners. His main interest has always been the HDMI Chromecase design fabrics and the latest news hint that he is up to streaming the content and mirroring the Google API to introduce the mirror feature into the Chromecast. To bring back the highly desired capability to his AllCast app Google released a public SDK for the Chromecast was regarded as the major job to achieve, but experts depict that if Dutta cracks the nut of mirroring, he will be the blue-eyed superman from the Mountain View for sure.

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