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Fujitsu Unveils AR-based Water Level Measuring System In Indonesia

Fujitsu Unveils AR-based Water Level Measuring System In Indonesia
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Fujitsu Unveils AR-based Water Level Measuring System In Indonesia

Technology has come so far. One such test that shows the progress of technology is the river information system with augmented reality or AR that is just announced this Wednesday, March 9 by Fujitsu limited and its Indonesia chapter PT Fujitsu Indonesia.

The system was built by Fujitsu and Fujitsu Indonesia at the request of the Japan International Cooperation Agency or JICA Indonesia office and the North Sulawesi province River Basin Organization Sulawesi I, Ministry of Public Works and Housing or PU-PERA BWS Sulawesi I as part of an effort to prevent flood disasters within the area.

According to ACN Newswire, from the period of February 23 to March 18 they are to conduct a field trial and evaluate its usability and effectiveness. The specific trial location is the river basin of Manado, North Sulawesi Indonesia. The results of the testing will then be presented to the JICA Indonesia office by the end of March by the participating parties.

In this project, Fujitsu handles the management as a whole and is also responsible for developing the application and building the system. Meanwhile its Indonesia counterpart supports the system building, trains the staff of PU-PERA BWS Sulawesi I, and also responsible for supporting the operational trial.

E27 explains further that the new mobile app created for observers to be able to measure water levels, take pictures and add information on the conditions of the surrounding areas. So how does this app work?

Well it starts with the observer/s using the smartphone cameras to read AR markers placed in the river basin, once that is done, the app then displays a scale superimposed on the river’s photo. The observer then can just tap the water’s on-screen surface and just like that, digitally measure the water level of the river.

The need for such device or app is critical for the country as monitoring river water levels followed by rapid sharing of info by government workers when water levels rise to alarming levels together with speedy evacuation orders could help prevent casualties in the future. JICA Indonesia also believes that the phone-based app can help provide a low operating costing and convenient sustainable solution.

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