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‘Frozen 2’ Production Currently Frozen: Kristen Bell Explains

‘Frozen 2’ Production Currently Frozen: Kristen Bell Explains
Kristen Bell Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA


‘Frozen 2’ Production Currently Frozen: Kristen Bell Explains

“Frozen 2” latest news says that the release date of the avidly waited Elsa and Anna animated movie will be delayd. Voiceovers of the cast have already been done. So, what is keeping it away from the previous release schedule?

 Kristen Bell revealed that she and co-actors have yet to record songs. About a month ago, actress Idina Menzel shared that the show creators are still in the story writing stage.

As per Chatt Sports Net,  Bell also revealed that she, Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad are recording most of the time. It was for various theme parks and not for the sequel. They will record some more songs because the creative team has put in its best efforts to produce a good story.

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The whole team wants the sequel to be better than the original one. She revealed as reported by Collider that the new story is great and of good quality. The team is not contented if they put in something that is not the best. She added that this is the reason why the show creators did not announce the second story right away. They had a hard time finding out the kind of story they want to tell but fortunately, they have figured it out already.

The character of Elsa will be a bit non-conforming with her original character. It will be an upbeat one. In the sequel, she will be more fun loving and demonstrative towards Anna like the one she showed during the 2015 Disney short.

The rumors that Elsa will meet her end in the upcoming movie is not true. The focus will be her being a queen as revealed by Chris Buck and co-director Jennifer Lee.

Watch out for the release date of “Frozen 2.” The wait is worth it because the story is going to be more engaging and exciting.

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