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Frontier Airlines Leaves Delaware Airport

Frontier Airlines Leaves Delaware Airport
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Frontier Airlines Leaves Delaware Airport

Low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines is the latest air carrier to pull out of New Castle Airport in Delaware, NBC10 reports. It is reportedly the seventh commercial passenger airline to pull out of New Castle Airport since the 1960’s. Previous airlines who did the same move include Delta, Shuttle America, Crown Airlines and United.

In an email message issued by Frontier Airline spokesman Jim Faulkner to Delaware Online, he explained, “Frontier has pulled out of ILG because it wasn’t a profitable operation. If market conditions change, we may look at it again in the future.” No passengers were immediately affected by the situation as Frontier Airlines had reportedly already stopped providing service from New Castle Airport since April. Meanwhile, Delaware Online also reports that the earlier service suspension was described by Frontier Airlines as “seasonal.”

Following Frontier’s decision to pull out, Delaware River & Bay Authority Director of Airports, Stephen Williams, also issued a statement to Delaware Online saying, “We are disappointed with Frontier’s apparent decision not to return to [New Castle] Airport. We want to thank our customers for choosing [New Castle] Airport and we appreciate Frontier’s willingness to initiate service at our airport in 2013.”

Frontier Airlines has been flying out of New Castle Airport for nearly 2 years. According to its website, Delaware’s New Castle Airport boasts of three major runways along with ten taxiways and a number of aircraft parking ramps. There are also 68 business jets and 220 propeller aircraft that are based here.

Meanwhile, Frontier Airlines was acquired by Indigo Partners from Republic Airways Holdings reportedly for $145 million last 2013. Moreover, The Motley Fool reports that Frontier Airlines made significant changes to its route network after the said acquisition as it commits to joining the ultra low cost carrier market segment. According to Frontier Airline’s news release, it held a one-day sale that allowed passengers to book flights to Chicago and Las Vegas from Austin, Texas for as low as $29 last February.

Furthermore, Frontier Airlines states in its website that it specializes in providing “Low Fares Done Right.” It reportedly flies to over 60 destinations locally and internationally. Headquartered in Denver, Frontier takes passengers to destinations across the United States as well as Costa Rica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. The airline says they have more than 270 flights daily.

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