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Friendster Founders Introduce Filter for Facebook and Twitter

Friendster Founders Introduce Filter for Facebook and Twitter


Friendster Founders Introduce Filter for Facebook and Twitter

The founders of once popular social networking site Facebook are back, but this time they are not launching another social network. Instead, they have introduced a tool that would make it easier for users of popular social media sites to filter messages from their timelines.

Jonathan Abrams and Kent Lindsttrom are proud to have recently unveiled Nuzzel, their latest brainchild. This is a tool that is aimed at making social media users always on the know despite all the overwhelming things that happen online.

Nuzzel was designed and made to tap into users’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. The idea is to deliver to each user the most important information and news in just a single place.

How it works

It would facilitate sorting of messages by time of posting or even by the number of friends’ shares. The user would be able to find the most pertinent of all events, news, and articles that are available online and across the social media. Interestingly, messages with the most shares or comments could be filtered to appear on top. This would make it easier for any user to be instantly on the know of the latest important happenings in his friends circles.

In a statement, the creators said Nuzzel was introduced to possibly solve common problems on social media overload. It could be used to discover the best and most popular news stories as shared by friends on the popular social media sites Facebook and Twitter. It would eliminate the possibility of being overwhelmed or of missing anything.

Not another social networking site

Nuzzle is presently available online. But the creators have indicated that they are also considering the possibility of bringing it somewhere else. In fact, they have confirmed that they are even developing an app, probably for iOS, for Nuzzle.

Nuzzle curates content based on what users are most interested about, as indicated by follows and shares. That makes it easier to follow and be updated on the latest news and conversations about the most trending and talked about topics today.

The creators have emphasized that Nuzzle is not another social network. That is because it does not facilitate conversations of following/unfollowing of friends or people online. 

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