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Fried Chicken Head In Buffalo Wild Wings: Jared Cook Disgusted In Unexpected Find!

Fried Chicken Head In Buffalo Wild Wings: Jared Cook Disgusted In Unexpected Find!
Jared Cook, Phillip Thomas Keith Allison / Flickr cc


Fried Chicken Head In Buffalo Wild Wings: Jared Cook Disgusted In Unexpected Find!

Green Bay Packers’ tight end Jared Cook makes headlines once again, and this time it is not about football.

Apparently, Cook went to a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise earlier this week to satiate his gigantic appetite for chicken wings. But unfortunately, for the American footballer, it turned out to be his last meal of chicken wings before he decided to go vegetarian for good.

So, what drove Cook to rush into this decision? An extra-seasoned chicken-head complete with tongue, eyes, and beaks, responded the player through a tweet.

“I had drove there, took it all the way home, got home, started eating the first wing,” reported the football star in an interview with Sony ESPN. “As I was putting the bone back in the box, I saw the chicken head and immediately spit my food out.”

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Jared further added that he drove back to the restaurant chain in order to complain about the bizarre addition to his food but received no commendable response (although a refund was made).

“They were just, like: ‘We’re sorry. Typically, this doesn’t happen. That just means your food was fresh.'”

Talking about his decision to become vegetarian, the footballer blamed his latest experience for pushing him in that direction.

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Jared, however, decided to have a little fun before returning the order.

“In the picture, I don’t know if you noticed,” said Cook, “but there’s a fork stuck in the bottom of it. The first thing I did was, I FaceTimed her and I pretended the chicken head was talking to her via FaceTime. So, she was pretty grossed out.”

On Friday, Buffalo Wild Wings issued a statement saying that the food chain ‘takes food preparation, service and quality extremely seriously’ and that are ‘looking into this situation’.

“We’ve reached out to Jared Cook and our suppliers for more information.”

Meanwhile, more such complaints have started to surface condemning the franchise’s careless attitude. One Miss Betty Andrews from Berwyn, Illinois has posted a picture on Facebook of Buffalo Wild Wings’ chicken wings with feather all over the food.

“So disgusting… There are feathers all over this. How do you not notice a d serve this. Never eating their food again.”

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