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Fresh Human Heart Found In Zip Lock: Identity Of ‘Donor’

Fresh Human Heart Found In Zip Lock: Identity Of ‘Donor’
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Fresh Human Heart Found In Zip Lock: Identity Of ‘Donor’

A group of North Central EMS in Norwalk, Huron County that was idling at a local convenience store, had chanced upon a zip lock with a mysterious bloody object early this month. Upon inspection, it turned out it was a heart, but neither the EMS personnel nor the police could confirm whether it was a fresh human heart.

The Norwalk Police remained clueless and is still conducting a follow-up investigation to know whether the recovered heart was of a human or not. The heart was still fresh when it was recovered in a field on Milan Avenue.

First in Huron County

Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light said it was the first their department has encountered such event. He said he is not aware of any case in their department that involved serious robberies or even a corpse with a missing heart, the Cleveland 19 reported.

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Light said the heart appeared fresh when it was recovered. The paramedics could not verify whether the heart was human, tests have already been conducted to verify whether it was a human’s heart.

Dr. Jeff Harwood, Huron Country Coroner has ordered the further testing of the heart. But Harwood himself could not ascertain the origin of the heart. When he examined the heart, it was in good condition, but was starting to decompose.

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“I could not say it was not, so that’s why we shipped it off. They’re 95 percent sure it was human,” he said, “but they want to make 100 percent sure. They wanted to do some tests on the fluid to see if it’s a preservative,” Harwood told the Reflector in an interview.

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