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Freedom 251: The $7 Smartphone To Be Launched By India

Freedom 251: The $7 Smartphone To Be Launched By India
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Freedom 251: The $7 Smartphone To Be Launched By India

This Wednesday, Feb. 17 should prove to be an interesting day. This is also a good news especially for those smartphone fans in India as the cheapest smartphone in the world, or probably India, is about to be launched. The phone is part of local manufacturer, Ringing Bells’, attempt to connect every Indian with each other, reports Gadgets 360.

This upcoming affordable mobile device is called the Freedom 251 and it is being priced below500 INR or approximately $7 USD. The exact price of the upcoming phone has yet to be unveiled and is currently being kept under wraps, including other details about the handset. For now, the manufacturer of the most affordable phone said that it will reveal more details on the mobile phone’s launch date.

However, the phone manufacturer did reveal that on the launch date, it is expecting the presence of a number of top Indian government officials, including the Union Minister of Defence Shri Manohar Parrikar and Honorable Parliament Member Shri Murali Manohar Joshi.

Ringing Bells has explained that Freedom 251 is in line with the vision of India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which is to be able to connect every Indian citizen and enrich their lives. Aside from that being in its minds, the phone maker asserts that its handheld device is built to meet the goals of “Make In India.” Make in India is the government’s project to entice multinational and domestic players to manufacture their products in India.

The Indian tech company is making its mobile device available to consumers at a price under 500 INR to make it available to people with a low income. This way, the phone can potentially bring a significant improvement into their lifestyles reports Times Of Ap.

The project and goals of Ringing Bells could potentially affect a lot. It would be nice to see whether it would succeed in producing, marketing, and selling its cheapest offering. And it would be interesting as Gadgets 360 says to see whether it would be able to produce and sell it on a large scale also.

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