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Free Windows 10 Upgrade: Is It Really Free, Or Is It Costing You More Than You Know?

Free Windows 10 Upgrade: Is It Really Free, Or Is It Costing You More Than You Know?
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Free Windows 10 Upgrade: Is It Really Free, Or Is It Costing You More Than You Know?

Free Windows 10 upgrade sounds too good to be true. Many people are questioning Microsoft’s intention behind this free upgrade. What’s the real story?

I came across this interesting article on Forbes last night where the intention behind a free Windows 10 upgrade has been questioned. Can a company like Microsoft give away one of its most priced possessions like Windows 10 for free? When it comes to desktops and laptops, Microsoft still rules. Apple is the only competitor it has.

When such is the case, why did Microsoft decide to let people upgrade to Windows 10 for no cost? The company has claimed that this operating system is now active across 200 million devices. The offer sounded good until Microsoft started promoting free Windows 10 upgrade aggressively. Earlier, only genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users could update their systems and go back to their old OS in case they do not like the new one. As time passes, the rules are changing. Even if you do not own a genuine Windows 7 or 8.1, you can update to Windows 10.

We all know that a “free Windows 10” upgrade won’t be free after July 28, 2016. After this, Microsoft says that Windows 10 Home will cost you $119, and Windows 10 Pro will cost you $199. If Forbes is to be believed, “After this free offer Windows will revert to the standard asking price. Interestingly that isn’t actually written anywhere in the small print. Instead everyone has just assumed that will be the case.” And by then, you will not have the option of going back to Windows 7 or 8. The company is also working towards pushing Windows 7 completely out of the market.

Apart from speculations that Microsoft may charge even those who have upgraded Windows 10 within the first year, another reason behind the free Windows 10 upgrade offer can be the control over the system. The company has again and again been questioned for security and privacy reasons. It is believed that on Windows 10, Microsoft is keeping an eye on your activities.

Diagnostics Tracking Service was another service that poses a threat to privacy. Even after complaints, this feature was never removed. It just got a new name. The company also has so much control over your system that without having to inform you, it makes changes to your OS. The real strategy behind all the free Windows 10 upgrade offer will come to light only after the free offer period ends. Till then, let’s hope for the best.

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