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Free Mobile Service Provider FreedomPop Introduces $5 Monthly Plan

Free Mobile Service Provider FreedomPop Introduces $5 Monthly Plan


Free Mobile Service Provider FreedomPop Introduces $5 Monthly Plan

The world’s first ever free mobile service is now offering a paid subscription plan. However, FreedomPop is still trying to make a mark of its own by ‘destroying the current pricing model in the industry.’ That is because its latest offer is a subscription package that would only cost $4.58 per month.

The mobile startup has formally launched its postpaid plan, which is obviously the cheapest so far offered in the market. In a statement, the company said the new pricing plan would somehow declare a war in the industry that it claims ‘has long taken advantage of the market.’ It even accused other major players of widening the digital divide.

Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop, said the company is not only offering 12 months of service comparable to the price of a single month subscription in other carriers. At the same time, he assured that all the billing complexities that usually frustrate consumers would be gone. He assured that users would not need an annual contract if the total annual cost is just below $100.

The plan

Through this offer, users who agree to a two-year subscription period would enjoy unlimited voice, text, and even voicemail for just $100. That would translate to a $4.58 monthly bill. The users would also enjoy 500MB of Internet data upfront in the package.

Consumers could consider other options. Those who prefer to be tied to a one-year contract would be charged $80 for the entire year. That would be equivalent to $6.67 of monthly billing. Those who don’t like any contract and prefer to go month by month would be charged $10.99. That is still not bad, though.

Other options

FreedomPop’s other and older plan called the gratis plan is still available. The package includes up to 200 minutes of voice service and 500 free text messages in a month. Those are on top of a 500MB data.

The company has so far attracted about 500,000 users who are interested on its beta invitation list. FreedomPop even started offering BYOD or bring your own device scheme for consumers who would prefer to use their own handsets to save more on services. But for those who want to buy a new device along with the plan, the company is selling brand new Samsung Galaxy SII units for just $169.

FreedomPop said it is still working harder to add more high quality devices into its packages. It assured its customers that it would continue its commitment to meet growing demand for cheap services.

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